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Criticisms of Jewish Political and Financial Influence throughout the 19th Century

This page is for the study of anti-Semitism and its rise as a political force throughout the world.

* "Simonini Letter" (1806) is placed tentatively at this point in the chronology until information is found when it was originally published.

* "The Promise of World Domination" (1868)

* "The Conquest of the World by the Jews. An Historical and Ethnical Essay" (1875, by Major Osman Bey)
- In English [] (1930 reprint by Western Front, of Hollywood, California)
- In German []

* "Der Seig des Judenthums uber Deuschtum" (1879, by Wilhelm Marrs), considered to be the 1st mass-produced book on this topic published in the German language.

* "On the Jews" (1881, Eugen Duhring)

* "Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" (1882)

* "The Jewish Question" (1890, La Civiltà Cattolica)

From "The Jewish Question" (1890-10-23, La Civiltà Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961) (.pdf) [], text []:
Here, a list of the main works, published, in the past few years, especially in France:
La France juive [Jewish France], 2 vols;
La fin d’un monde [The End of a World];
La dernière bataille [The Last Battle], by Edouard Drumont, Marpon and Denta, Paris;
Le juif [The Jew], by G. des Mousseaux, Watelier;
Études historiques [Historical Studies], by Van der Haeghen, Palmé;
L’entrée des Israélites dans la société française [The Entry of the Israelites into French Society], Lecoffre;
Les juifs nos maîtres [The Jews, Our Masters], by Abbé Chabautey;
Rome et les juifs [Rome and the Jews], by Lémann;
La question juive [The Jewish Question], by Rev. Fr. Ratisbonne, Douniol;
Les juifs, rois de l’époque [The Jews, Kings of the Epoch], by Toussenel, 2 volumes, Marpon;
La France n’est pas juive [France Is Not Jewish], by Reynaud, Marpon;
Le juif [The Jew], by Kraszewki, Dentu;
Pauvre Moschko [Poor Moschko], by Franzos, Floro;
Il sangue christiano nei riti ebraici della moderna Sinagoga [Christian Blood in the Hebraic Rites of the Modern Synagogue], Prato, Toscana, Giachetti & Co.;
La juiverie [Jewry], by G. de Pascal, Blériot;
La piaga ebrea [The Hebraic Plague], by Dr. Giov. De Stampa, Treviso;
Le juif, voilà l’ennemi [The Jew: Here‘s the Enemy], by Martinez, Savine;
La prépondérance juive [The Jewish Preponderance], by Abbé Joseph Lémann, Lecoffre;
La politique israélite [Israelite Politics], by Kimon, Savine;
Socialismo, discussioni [Socialism: Discussions], by Dr. Don Sebastiano Nicotra, Rome, Tip. Della Pace;
La Haute Banque et les Révolutions [The High Finance and the Revolutions], by Auguste Chirac, Savine;
La Russie juive [Jewish Russia], by Kalixt Wolski, Savine;
L’Algérie juive [Jewish Algeria], by Georges Meynié, Savine;
Le mystère du sang chez les juifs [The Mystery of Blood Among the Jews], by Desportes, Savine.

Documents listed at "The Jew in the modern world: a documentary history" (2011, 3rd ed., compiled and edited by Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jehuda Reinharz; Oxford University Press)[], full text []

* "How Profitable the Nation of the Jews Are" (1655, Menasseh Ben Israel)
* "Act of Suriname" (August 17, 1665, British Colonial Commissioner)
* "Declaration Protecting the Interest of Jews Residing in the Netherlands" (July 13, 1657, Estates General of the Republic of the United Provinces)
* Appointment of Samson Wertheimer as Imperial Court Factor (August 29, 1703, Leopold I)
* "Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland" (1714, John Toland)
* "Plantation Act" (March 19, 1740, Houses of Parliament of Great Britain)
* "The Jew Bill" (1753, Houses of Parliament of Great Britain)

1. Jews (1756) / Francois-Marie Arouet
2. Apology for the Jewish Nation (1762) / Isaac de Pinto
3. Reply to de Pinto (c. 1762) / Francois-Marie Arouet
4. State Within a State (1793) / Johann Gottlieb Fichte
5. On the Danger to the Well-Being and Character of the Germans Presented by the Jews (1816) / Jakob Friedrich Fries
6. Our Visitors (1816) / K. B. A. Sessa
7. Features of the Jews to Be Corrected (1819) / Leopold Zunz
8. Jewish Mirror (1819) / Hartwig von Hundt-Radowsky
9. Notables of the Jewish Community of Damascus (1840)
10. Appeal to All Israelites (1860)
Alliance Israelite Universelle
11. Our First Thirty-Five Years (1895)
Alliance Israelite Universelle
12. Jewish Problem (1843) / Bruno Bauer
13. On the Jewish Problem (1844) / Karl Marx
14. Jewry in Music (1850) / Richard Wagner
15. Victory of Judaism over Germandom (1879) / Wilhelm Marr
16. Question of the Jew Is a Question of Race (1881) / Karl Eugen Duehring
17. Judaism: Race or Religion? (1883) / Ernest Renan
18. Jews: Kings of the Epoch (1845) / Alphonse Toussenel
19. Jews: Oppressed or Oppressors? (1877) / Fyodor Dostoievsky
20. Jewish France (1886) / Edouard-Adolphe Drumont
21. What We Demand of Modern Jewry (1879) / Adolf Stoecker
22. Word About Our Jewry (1880) / Heinrich von Treitschke
23. Another Word About Our Jewry (1880) / Theodor Mommsen
24. Of the People of Israel (1882) / Friedrich Nietzsche --
Contents note continued: 25. Racists' Decalogue (1883) / Theodor Fritsch
26. J'accuse (1898) / Emile Zola
27. Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899) / Houston Stewart Chamberlain
28. Rabbi's Speech: The Promise of World Domination (1872) / Hermann Goedsche
29. Protocols of the Elders of Zion (c. 1902)
30. Expert Opinion in Support of the Ritual Blood Accusation (1911) / Ivan Alexeyevitch Sikorsky

1. Petition to Expel the Jews from New Amsterdam (September 22, 1654) / Peter Stuyvesant
2. Reply to Stuyvesant's Petition (April 26, 1655)
Dutch West India Company
3. Rights of the Jews of New Amsterdam (March 13, 1656)
Dutch West India Company
4. Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)
5. Virginia Act of 1785 (December 16, 1785)
6. Constitution of the United States of America (1789)
7. Message of Welcome to George Washington (August 17, 1790)
Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island
8. Reply to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport (c. August 17, 1790) / George Washington

"The Jewish Question" (1890, La Civiltà Cattolica)

"The Jewish Question" (1890-10-23, La Civiltà Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961) (.pdf) [], text []


* " 'Jewish' Control - A Fait Accompli 125 Years Ago; An 1890 article in an official Vatican publication puts the NWO in perspective" (2015-01-29, by Henry Makow Ph.D) []:
La Civiltà Cattolica (Italian for Catholic Civilization) is a periodical published without interruption by the Jesuits in Rome, Italy since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journals articles are the collective responsibility of the entire "college" even if published under a single author's name. It is the only one to be directly supervised by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See and to receive its approval before being published.
We need to go back to 1890 to understand what has taken place. An article in the official Vatican periodical La Civilta Cattolica dated 23 Oct. 1890 reveals how Catholics perceived Jews 125 years ago. The article confirms that humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism, using Freemasonry, which is Jewish Cabala for Gentiles.  Society is indeed  "satanically possessed."
Our political and cultural leadership are "straw men" -- fronts for the Cabalist (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) central bankers. This is why our "leaders" are such perverts and non-entities. To ensure they toe the line, they are filmed in compromising sexual situations. To ensure the whole rotten structure doesn't collapse, the bankers have erected a police state, using terrorism (which they instigate) as a pretext. "Democracy" is an elaborate charade.
Multiculturalism and diversity, feminism and homosexuality, Muslim and Latin in-migration are employed to divide and destabilize. Most people are willing to "go along to get along", to collaborate in their own enslavement.
Success generally depends on support for the Judeo Masonic (Illuminati) world government agenda. Ordinary Jews are not aware of this agenda. Jews and non-Jews alike suffer from a false consciousness, although they don't know it.

The 1890 article begins by decrying the "invasion of Israelites into every sector of public and social life" in Europe and Russia. Christians are rallying to stop "the spread of this plague" and "its most pernicious consequences."
"Once having acquired absolute civil liberty and equality in every sphere with Christians and the nations, the dam which previously had held back the Hebrews was opened for them, and in short time, like a devastating torrent, they penetrated and cunningly took over everything: gold, trade, the stock market, the highest appointments in political administrations, in the army and in diplomacy; public education, the press, everything fell into their hands or into the hands of those who were inevitably depending upon them....the very laws and institutions of the states hinders Christian society from shedding the yoke of Hebrew audacity, imposed under the guise of liberty."
The article clearly establishes the malevolent intentions of the Jewish leadership. The people crying "hate" are in fact the real haters. They aim for "the extermination of Christian civilization" which 125 years later has nearly been accomplished.   The Talmud views all non-Jews as subhuman, i.e. beasts.  Jews see themselves as "the highest race of mankind"  entitled to "lay claim to all the wealth of the universe..." Their Messiah must be "a great conqueror who puts the nations under the yoke of the Jews." (This is where Christ failed.)
The Talmud "teaches that an Israelite is more pleasing to God than the angels of paradise; that to strike a Jew is to strike God..."
Ordinary Jews like myself know nothing of the Talmud and do not share these views. However I suspect they do inform the NWO agenda which is to manage humanity like a modern factory farmer raises cattle.
The article ascribes anti Semitism to this demented Jewish megalomania, immorality and their "insatiable appetite for enriching themselves via usury..."

How to defend Christian civilization when all social institutions -- government, media, education and the economy-- have been taken over by the Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Freemason agents? The Hebrews "are a plague on Christian society."  War against them is justified. Unfortunately the Christian lacks the necessary means and ruthlessness. He doesn't wish to "resort to bloodshed."
The author argues Jewish wealth should be confiscated: "It is absolutely legitimate...for the plundered nation to recover the ill gotten gains from the thieves...Gold is the most powerful weapon by which the Jews exterminate religion and oppress the people has at least the right to seize this weapon from them."
Jews should be considered foreigners and not allowed to own farmland, which is fast falling into their hands. But they could still own urban property. He contemplates expelling all Jews as a solution.
The author recognizes that not all Hebrews are "thieves, cheats, usurers, Freemasons, cads and corrupters of customs...a certain number are not complicit in the trickeries of the others. How could these innocents be "included in the punishment?" The author cites counter arguments that the urgency of the situation justifies overcoming all moral qualms.
Then he does an about-face and says: " Even supposing that the remedy of universal banishment of the Hebrews was feasible now, it would not accord with the Roman Church's way of thinking and acting."
We have seen that an "anti-Jewish Conference" of Christian notables held in 1882 conceded that there is no remedy []. The Civilta Cattolica also concedes it is a "practical impossibility" as long as our governments are under Jewish control:
"Heaven's chosen instrument for punishing the degenerate Christianity of our time is the Hebrews," he says. Europe will become "one single huge plantation exploited by the Jews through the labor and sweat of the Christians reduced to slavery." 
This vision of the New World Order is 125 years old!

The only way to fight the "plague" would have been to imitate the tactics of the Freemasons and Masonic Jews. Obviously this was "not in accord of the Roman Church's ways of thinking and acting." 
"Anti Semites" have always made the mistake of blaming all Jews in a racist fashion thereby forcing them to act as human shields for the Cabalist bankers. The bankers even sponsor anti Semitism to manipulate their "lesser brethren" in this fashion. Despite appearances, Jews are not homogeneous. Opponents of Masonic Jewish domination should focus on the leadership. And because of Freemasonry, expelling all Jews would make no difference. Society as a whole has completely embraced Jewish banker control. It has bitten the apple. 
As the bankers consolidate their new world order, we face a precarious future. Russia is openly threatening nuclear war. Russia was content to allow Ukraine to be neutral, and to support it. But the Neo Con Jews overthrew the Ukrainian President and caused the present civil war. They are probably responsible for the drop in the price of oil as a form of economic warfare. This is having dire consequence for many countries. I'm not sure if Russia's resistance to Jewish domination isn't a charade to justify world war. Either way, the Illuminati Jewish banker agenda portends a dismal future for mankind. 
"Heaven's chosen instrument for punishing the degenerate Christianity of our time is the Hebrews." 

"Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" (1882)

"Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism":
The First Anti-Jewish Congress in Dresden (September 11-12, 1882)
(.pdf) [], text []

Volume 4. Forging an Empire: Bismarckian Germany, 1866-1890
[Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism”: The First Anti-Jewish Congress in Dresden, September 11-12, 1882]. Chemnitz, Sachsen: Verlag von Ernst Schmeitzner, 1882, pp. 1-14. [Bundesarchiv, ZSg 2/15 (4)] Translation: Erwin Fink
In the following manifesto of the First Anti-Jewish Congress, held in the Saxon capital shortly after the first wave of German antisemitism peaked, participants wove virtually all the threads of the “Jewish question” into the fabric – the fabrication – of a monumental struggle against international “Jewish parasitism.” Claiming that all Christian nations had no choice but to recognize the Jew as biologically alien, it called for a reversal of Jewish emancipation and for the expansion of an antisemitic “movement of self-protection.” The meeting's delegates constitute a virtual Who’s Who of German, Austrian, and Hungarian antisemites at the time. That these figures were still vying with each other for leadership of the movement is suggested by the addendum co-authored by two Bavarian aristocrats. But the delegates were in agreement that previous government initiatives in defense of the “Christian state” had been ineffective. The tone of this document is very different from the preceding description of the “Reichshall Meeting”; yet for purposes of agitation, it was its perfect complement, purporting to document the international “Jewish conspiracy” with historical “facts” rather than with inflammatory phrases. As such, it is typical of other contemporary manifestos, pamphlets, and pseudo- scientific tracts that also claimed to offer empirical evidence of the Jews’ so-called “lust for world domination.”

To the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations -
Threatened by Judaism! In the course of the past centuries, the culture, civilization, prosperity, and future of the European Christian peoples were threatened, in turn, by Arabs, Tartars, and Turks – peoples of a foreign race and religion whose attacks and onslaughts were successfully fought back by the weapons of European Christians at the time. Likewise, in our times, another foreign race threatens the culture, civilization, prosperity, and future of the European Christian peoples – a foreign race that is no less dangerous. Nay, in terms of its means and objectives, it is probably even more dangerous than those aggressive national elements. This foreign race is the Jewish race. The proper instinct of the European Christian peoples has kept this natural, sworn archenemy in check until very recently. It is an archenemy against whom restrictive legislative regulations have only proven to be half measures and inadequate weapons for protecting Christian people. Since the beginning of the current century, however, this situation has changed quite radically, on a step-by-step basis, in some European countries.
The victorious ideals of the French Revolution – liberty, equality, and fraternity – have torn down the barriers against the Jewish race that had been erected for the protection of the Christian peoples. The principle of liberty was also applied to a race whose first and foremost thoughts and energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of slaves by all kinds of cunning behavior. According to the Jews’ religious and national traditions, all of these peoples were created merely to serve them. The principle of equality was also applied to a race that does not wish to be equal with us, that considers itself a people privileged by God and [regards] the rest of mankind as lower beings, impure animals. The principle of fraternity was also applied to a race that does not even acknowledge non-Jews as neighbors and fellow human beings and according to whose Talmud non-Jews are enemies destined for eradication. Moreover, cheating, stealing from them, bleeding them dry, bringing ruin upon them, perjuring against them, dishonoring, and even killing them constitutes an activity pleasing to their God. Small wonder, therefore, if modern liberalism, identifying more and more with the ascendant Jews, has taken the shape of pseudo-liberalism. In the Jews’ hands, it has turned into a convenient tool for realizing their plans for world domination and putting irons on the European peoples. The Jews have become the undisputed masters of the financial markets. They dominate the stock exchanges, where they determine the price of money and monetary values, commodities, and industrial goods at will. As a result, they are the ones controlling the capitalist’s purse, the fruits of the farmer’s and businessman’s labor. They dominate the banks and all financial institutions in general. Consequently, they are the creators of fictitious values, the masters of credit and monetary turnover, whose channels they open up, at liberty, to their own fellow tribesmen while closing them off to any non-Jew not to their liking. The natural consequence of this monopolization of the financial market is that the farmer, the big landowner, the industrialist, the artisan, the merchant, etc., have all gotten caught up in material dependency upon Jews. And because their livelihood became subject to the arbitrariness of the Jews in this way, they were forced to turn into their obedient servants, their trainbearers. What’s more, the Jews hire influential men who are active in public life to fill well- paid positions at banks, railways, insurance companies, etc. These individuals are thus virtually kept as Jewish vassals and are the most zealous and influential supporters of Jewish power in the legislatures and governments.
The tip of this economic and financial pyramid is the Rothschild “dynasty,” which has turned into the banker to financially needy countries. Without its agreement, waging war is virtually impossible nowadays. And if a war is waged after all, it represents merely a good opportunity for this “dynasty” to add more billions to those it already has and to concentrate more and more of the capital assets of the European peoples in the hands of the “dynasty” and the Jewish race, even by exploiting their national calamities. Through incredible national debt burdens that are continuously increased by the Jewish financial powers and which sap the nations’ marrow, the governments of some indebted countries have become nothing more than Jewish institutions, Jewish collection agencies. This explains the complete inactivity of these governments with respect to the Jewish question and also their hostile behavior against their own populations in favor of Jewry. The Jews have managed, on the one hand, to gain direct control over the majority of the periodicals and, on the other, to exert an indirect influence on them in their favor, so that until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth vis-à-vis Jewry. Thus the Jews have become absolute masters, fabricators of public opinion. Any complaint raised against them, however justified it may be, is suppressed. Any article that addresses the subject of Jewish dominance to the slightest extent is done away with. They bestow praise and reproach on the living and the dead, on rulers, statesmen, civil servants, scholars, artists, etc., even on individuals’ private lives. The professional advancement of men active in public life and the recognition and rewarding of their achievements is dependent upon the favorable position of the Jewish press. Consequently, anyone wishing to reach his goals through some kind of public career is forced to curry the favor of the Jewish press and thus that of the Jewish clan. As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age. Aspiring young professionals are worried about their future; elderly men who have made a name for themselves are concerned about their past and their posthumous reputation. And in order to secure these things with the help of the Jewish press, they become trainbearers of Jewish power, they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations. In many countries, the Jews have adulterated the system of [freemason] lodges, stripped it of its essence, and degraded it into one of the most dangerous and effective instruments of Jewish power. Mainly by means of the press, Jewry increasingly undermines the Christian religion, which, after all, has become a racially specific religion of the Aryan European peoples, the magic influence of which none of the Aryan European peoples has managed to escape. This insight is proven by eighteen centuries of history. During this entire period, no new religion based on something other than the Gospel according to Christ managed to develop among any of the European Aryan peoples.
During Roman times, it was Christianity that saved the European Aryan race from moral bankruptcy, on the one hand, and semi-civilized barbarity, on the other, and also regenerated it. It did so by setting the civilization and culture of the European Aryan race on firm religious, moral, and social foundations. Christian religion is the most powerful reaction against Jewish tendencies to achieve world domination. It is an insurmountable protest against the elevation of the Semitic above the Aryan race, and so it is only natural that the Jewish clan is a sworn mortal enemy of both the founder of this religion and the Christian religion itself. Accordingly, Jewry can only firmly establish the superiority and rule of the Semitic race when it has managed to defeat the natural reaction opposing it and to destroy the institution of Christianity. The latter thus constitutes the first and major target of its attacks. Because the Jewish people has essentially retained its age-old nomadic nature, it is unfamiliar with the idea of the fatherland. As a cosmopolitan, the Jew adheres to the principle: ubi bene, ibi patria (“where it’s best, there is the fatherland”). Consequently, the Jew cannot be a patriot attached by love, devotion, and self-sacrifice to the soil upon which he was born and that was tilled by the sweat of his brow. If a Jew also engages in farming [Landwirthschaft] here and there, it is nothing but robbing the land [Raubwirthschaft]: ravaging the forests, exhausting the productive energy of the soil, and thus rendering it increasingly infertile. He also does not till the soil; for he does not take the plow, scythe, and hoe in his own hand, nay he does not even like to hire others to till the soil. He regards the land more like a mere mortgage, the farmer as a slave to be exploited through usury, the fruits of whose hard labor belong to him. Various laws have freed landed property and made the farmer his own master by abolishing serfdom. But today, after the passing of several decades, we have reached the point of having to free the people from a new Jewish serfdom that is worse than the old one. For the farmer today is under an unconditional obligation to the Jewish usurer and innkeeper, who is in a position, by virtue of the acquired right to auctioning, to drive the farmer out of his house and home at any time and thus make him and his family homeless. This is one of the major causes of the massive – and increasingly mounting – emigration to America, as a result of which the soil is being deprived, through Jewish usury and Jewish slavery, of its industrious and diligent native inhabitants. Unproductive, haggling Jews now take their place. Because the Talmud allows the Jews to commit any kind of injustice or crime against non-Jews, the Jews threaten to overthrow the legal order and thus the social order. Criminal statistics prove that Jews constitute a remarkably higher percentage of convicted criminals than non- Jews, and it is even higher among accused criminals. As a result of the close solidarity among Jews, however, a large number of the Jewish accused manage to evade punishment – partly with the help of false, mostly Jewish witnesses, but partly through bribing the judicial powers. There are well-organized Jewish bribery gangs who exercise free command over indebted civil servants and judges and whose ties and networks in some countries reach into the highest government and judicial circles. For this reason, a non-Jew is often not able to enforce his most incontestable rights vis-à-vis a Jew before a court of law; on the contrary, he runs the risk that the bribed officials, in cahoots with the Jews, will make him the target of life-long harassment and persecution. One characteristic Jewish tactic that above all explains their amazing successes is that once they have chosen non-Jews as victims, they don’t let them out of their clutches – for fear of revenge – until they have either surrendered to them or been materially and morally ruined. Also, since according to the motto of the “Alliance israélite universelle,” all Israelites “are responsible for each other,” Jewry as a whole considers the private affairs of each individual Jew vis-à-vis non- Jews as its own affair. Thus, in the final analysis, non-Jews wishing to claim rights of their own face the entire Jewry. In practice, under these circumstances, non-Jews do not enjoy the equality before the law granted by the constitution and legislation vis-à-vis the Jews. Sticking together as closely as it does, the international Jewish pack has an internationally directed executive organ in the form of the “Alliance israélite universelle,” which was founded in Paris in 1860 and operates branches across the entire planet. Supposedly a mere charitable association, it has now assumed the character of a political association that virtually maintains diplomatic contacts with individual national governments. It even had its own delegates represent it at the 1878 Berlin Congress. This universal political Jewish association enables Jewry to focus all its international weight and power against any attack – or, really, any self-defense action – launched by non-Jews in any corner of the world; it enables Jewry to punish any rebelliousness emerging against Jewish power as an example to others so that it may further tighten the shackles with which it has enslaved the European Christian peoples, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. This constitutes a worrisome and ever more oppressive state of affairs with respect to a number of factors: on the one hand, there are the great and ever increasing dangers that the Jewish race under international high command poses to the prosperity, peace, legal security, culture, civilization, and future of Christian nations. On the other hand, there is the irresponsible, cold indifference with which many governments sit back and watch their own populations engage in an uneven social struggle for self-defense against Jewry. In some countries, governments even side with the Jews and wrest from their own people the means for self-defense by curtailing freedom of the press, the right of assembly and association, and the right to freedom of expression whenever the Jewish question is concerned. In the face of these issues, and prompted by the conviction that taking the initiative in this matter has become imperative for the self-preservation of all Christian society (without notice to confessional and national divisions), a great number of delegates gathered together in Dresden on September 11 and 12, 1882, for an international congress on the subject. The participants, who came from various countries particularly threatened by Jewry, included members of parliament, clergy, military officers, civil servants, lawyers, physicians, scholars, professors, artists, journalists, farmers, industrialists, artisans, merchants, and other friends of the cause who have engaged with the theoretical study of the Jewish question for years but at the same time know from practical experience the far- reaching implications of this calamity. On this occasion, the participants in the congress engaged in intense discussions of the Jewish question, and experts resolved, among other things, to appeal to the governments and populations of Christian states threatened by the Jews. This first international congress, taking place with the aim of maintaining the interests of non- Jewish society, does not intend to anticipate events by putting forth a detailed program regarding the solution of the Jewish question. The current power of the Jewish race rests on much firmer foundations; this nation of parasites has become much too deeply engrained in the body of our societal and state life for this first congress to operate under the delusion that its potentially detailed propositions could be carried out today. Today, however, we would like to clarify the ultimate goal that the European peoples have to set for themselves. Furthermore, it would be self-delusion to believe that the Jewish race would ever mix and assimilate with other peoples, especially Christian ones – after all, this has never happened anywhere in the course of 3,000 years. Therefore, the congress declares that the Jewish question can only be solved to satisfaction once and for all by following the manner in which the Arab, Tartar, and Turkish questions were solved in the past by the European states under attack. Europe belongs to the Christian peoples and therefore should not be the testing ground for the hunger for power of any hostile, domineering, non-Christian national element. The history of past centuries amply proves that legal decrees restricting the Jewish race – no matter how strict they are – do not achieve the desired result. The Jews, against whom it has been impossible to erect any lasting barriers by way of legal statutes so far, would simply remove these restrictive regulations again after a few decades and force the nations into another exhausting ongoing struggle. The emancipation of the Jews, however, which decades ago raised the expectation in Europe that the Jewish clan would assimilate into the Christian nations, has resulted in an absolute disaster. It has merely served to convince any thinking person that it is completely impossible for the European nations to be able to establish a modus vivendi with the Jewry living in their midst.
By thus leaving, for the time being, the detailed modalities of the solution of the Jewish question to the unfolding events, this first international congress takes as its current mission only the launching and organization of international societal self-defense. In this context, we would like to address our appeal primarily to governments, but secondarily also to the Christian peoples, to the Christian society of the judaized European states. We call on those governments, being the councils of Christian rulers comprised of Christian members, that they do not place any artificial obstacles in the way of the continuous – and currently uneven – defensive struggle of their peoples against that sworn enemy, Jewry, by curtailing, with respect to the Jewish question, their people’s freedom of the press, right to association and assembly, and right to freedom of speech. We ask, on the contrary, that they support their own people, their own flesh and blood, in this legal defensive struggle as much as possible for as long as the provisions of common law, and not of constitutional law, are applied to the Jews. Furthermore, by establishing a more rightful financial system and structure of state debt and a more rightful economic system to begin with, the governments also ought to make an effort to free themselves, their states, and their populations from the dictatorship of Jewish financial powers and thus from the political influence of Jewry. We call, finally, on the Christian peoples who are more or less oppressed by the Jewish race to initiate and organize justified self-defensive action right down the line. As long as the Jewish race seeks and finds protection under the sanctuary of common law and as long as the provisions of constitutional law are not applied to this race by the governments, this self-defensive action can only take place within the limits of the existing civil laws. So the Christian peoples ought to tackle the vigorous organization of this legal self-defensive movement; initiate intense agitation and powerful action in the parliaments, in district and municipal councils, in the press, and in public assemblies; found protective associations in cities and individual regions; and form central national committees to head these protective associations, which would be charged, in turn, with establishing international contact with all the different countries, the purpose being to paralyze the meticulous work of the “Alliance israélite universelle” through an “Alliance chrétienne universelle” to be founded sooner rather than later. And in this way, Christian society may win back – step by step and in every field – the positions from which Jewry has driven it. Hopefully our appeal will not remain a cry in the wilderness, but will awaken Europe’s Christian society to the danger facing it, so that it will proceed at once to take the legal means of justified self-defense. If this happens, then, within a short time, the nineteenth century will be able to rid itself of the disgrace that an anti-cultural race of 7-8 million souls, namely the Semitic race of Jews, is tyrannizing the Aryan (or, through Christianity, Aryanized) race of 350 million souls on intellectual, moral, and financial levels – the very race that, by virtue of its intellectual and physical superiority, has been given the mission of spreading its seed, including its perfected civilization, to all parts of the world by means of victorious arms and works of peace. And if this appeal meets with a response from the Christian nations and the word becomes the deed, then the second anti-Jewish congress gathering a year from now will already face a new situation changed in favor of the Christian peoples; and then it will raise its voice again concerning further measures. And now, let’s get to work, Christian brothers! The International Anti-Jewish Congress for the Protection of the Interests of Non-Jewish Society, held on September 11-12, 1882, in Dresden. Concise Report on the First International Anti-Jewish Congress in Dresden The congress took place at the invitation of the following gentlemen: Friedrich Carl, Reich Baron von Fechenbach-Laudenbach, Royal Bavarian Treasurer and Major (retired) at Laudenbach and Sommerau, Chairman of the Association for the Protection of Trades and Honorary President of the Westphalian Trades Association; Dr. phil. Ernst Henrici, in Tegel near Berlin, Chairman of the Social Reich Association in Berlin; Victor von Istôczy, Budapest, Member of the Hungarian Reichstag; Lic. theol. Gustav Koffmane, Breslau, Member of the Board of the German Reform Association in Breslau; Geza von Onody, Tisza-Eszlar, Owner of a Manor, Member of the Hungarian Reichstag; Wilhelm Pickenbach, Berlin, Merchant, Chairman of the German Reform Association in Berlin; Alexander Pinkert-Waldegg, Dresden, Editor-in-Chief, Chairman of the Central Committee of the German Reform Party and the German Reform Association in Dresden; Ernst Schmeitzner, Chemnitz, Owner of a Publishing House, Chairman of the German Reform Association in Chemnitz; Rudolf Skalla, Iglau in Moravia, Industrialist, Chairman of the Austrian Reform Association in Iglau; Court Preacher Adolf Stöcker, Berlin, Member of the German Reichstag and Prussian Chamber of Deputies, President of the Christian-Social Party in Berlin; Carl, Reich Baron von Thüngen-Rossbach, at Rossbach in Lower Franconia, Owner of a Manor; Edmund Winterfeldt, Breslau, Editor, Member of the Board of the German Reform Association in Breslau; Sir Carl von Zerboni di Sposetti, Vienna, Editor, Member of the Board of the German Reform Association in Vienna; Ferdinand Ziegler, Breslau, Factory owner, Chairman of the German Reform Association in Breslau.
The First International Congress was convened in Dresden to confidentially debate “the next objectives of the anti-Jewish movement as well as ways for more effective international countermeasures against the Jewish position in big finance and trade, in politics and municipal affairs, and in the press and the arts and sciences.” More than 300 of those invited from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Russia participated in the congress. The discussions were chaired by von Bredow, an owner of a manor and a cavalry captain (retired), and by Ivan von Simonyi, Member of the Hungarian Reichstag; under their chairmanship the following items were passed: First, the preceding Manifesto written by Victor von Istôczy, Member of the Hungarian Reichstag; [ . . . ] As well, a motion proposed by Baron von Thüngen-Rossbach and Baron von Fechenbach- Laudenbach: Theses. The meeting recognizes the increase of the Jewish national element and the Jewish influence on our entire national and state affairs as a serious and imminent danger to the moral and economic survival of the German people. In order to break this influence and to eliminate the evils and danger inevitably resulting from it, it deems the following measures absolutely imperative:
I. The immigration of the Jews, particularly from the East, has to be prevented.
II. The predominant, largely capitalist and laissez-faire economics legislation has to be reformed. It excessively favors usury and the speculation taking place above all in the form of the share trading, banking, and stock markets over honest and upright forms of work. This should be done in such a way that those productive classes supporting the nation and the state are elevated and strengthened, whereas speculation, on the other hand, is reduced to a harmless level.
III. As long as the Jews persist in their isolation and form a nation within the nation, as it were, they ought to be regarded merely as foreigners who are accorded the right to hospitality. Consequently, their civil rights should be restricted in such a way that they can neither participate in legislation nor attain any authoritative offices, namely the office of judge.
IV. The Jews are to be exempted from military service, but in lieu of service have to pay a tax in the form of a capitation or military fee.

Signed: C. Baron von Thüngen-Rossbach Baron von Fechenbach-Laudenbach Source: Manifest an die Regierungen und Völker der durch das Judenthum gefährdeten christlichen Staaten laut Beschlusses des Ersten Internationalen Antijüdischen Kongresses zu Dresden am 11. und 12. September 1882

"The Promise of World Domination" (1868)

The Rabbi's Speech: The Promise of World Domination
Translation Source: Norman Cohn, "Warrant for Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1967), reprinted by permission of Peters Fraser and Dunlop Group Ltd., in "The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History" book (by Paul R. Mendes-Flohr, Jehuda Reinharz) pgs. 360 to 363 (via []:

NOTE: "The Rabbi's Speech" has its origin in the novel Biarritz (1868) by Hermann Goedsche (1816-1878), published under the pseudonym of Sir John Retcliffe. In a chapter entitled in the Jewish Cemetery in Prague," Goedsche purports to describe a secret nocturnal meeting among thirteen Jews (representing the twelve tribes of Israel and the Jews of the Exile) who report on their activities during the century that has elapsed since their last meeting and who vow to have conquered all of their enemies by the time of the next meeting. This frankly fictional episode was soon treated as an authentic record, appearing as a pamphlet first in Russia (1872) and later in Paris and Prague. In 1887 Theodor Fritsch published the "Speech" in his "Decalogue" (see document 22 in this chapter), and it received a wide circulation in a number of antisemitic publications, enjoying its greatest vogue in post-war Germany. The "Speech" was constantly invoked as proof of the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

[begin document]
Our fathers have bequeathed to the elect of Israel the duty of gathering together once each century around the tomb of the Grand Master Caleb, the holy rabbi Simeon ben Jehuda, whose knowledge gives the elect of each generation power over all the earth and authority over all the descendants of Israel. For eighteen centuries Israel has been at war with that power which was first promised to Abraham but which was taken from him by the Cross. Trampled underfoot, humiliated by its enemies, living ceaselessly under the threat of death, of persecution, of rape, and of every kind of violation, the people of Israel has not succumbed; and if it is dispersed over the whole earth, that is because it is to inherit the whole earth. For eighteen centuries our wise men have been fighting the Cross courageously and with a perseverance which nothing can discourage. Gradually our people is rising up and its power increases day by day. Ours is that God of today whom Aaron raised up for us in the desert, that Golden Calf, that universal deity of the age.
The day when we shall have made our the sole possessors of all the gold in the world, the real power will be in our hands, and then the promises which were made to Abraham will be fulfilled. Gold, the greatest power on earth .. . gold, which is the strength, the recompense, the instrument of every power . . . the sum of everything that man fears and craves . . there is the only mystery, the deepest under standing of the spirit that rules the world. There is the future! Eighteen centuries belonged to our enemies, the present century and future centuries must belong to us, the people of Israel, and they surely will belong to us. Now for the tenth time, in a thousand years of terrible and ceaseless war against our enemies, the elect of a given generation of the people of Israel are gathered in this cemetery, around the tomb of our Grand Master Caleb, the holy rabbi Simeon ben Jehuda, to take counsel as to how to turn to the advantage of our cause the great errors and sins which our enemies the Christians never cease to commit. Each time the new Sanhedrin has pro-claimed and preached a merciless struggle against the enemies; but in no earlier century were our ancestors able to concentrate in our hands so much gold, and therefore so much power, as the nineteenth century has be-stowed on us. We can therefore expect, without any rash illusions, to achieve our aim soon, and we can look with confidence to our future. Most fortunately, the persecution and the humiliations, those dark and painful days which the people of Israel endured with such heroic patience, are no more with us, thanks to the progress of civilization among the Christians, and that progress is the best shield for us to hide and act behind,so as to cross with firm and rapid strides the space that separates us from our supreme objective. Let us just look at the material condition of Europe, let us analyse the resources which the Jews have got into their possession since [...]
[pg. 363]
and succoured by his co-religionists. If a Jew is summoned before the courts of the country where he lives, let his brothers in religion hasten to give him aid and assistance; but only if the accused has acted in accordance with the Law of Israel, so strictly observed and kept for so many centuries! Our people is conservative, faithful to the religious ceremonies and the customs bequeathed to us by our ancestors. It is in our interest that we should at least make a show of zeal for the social questions of the moment, especially for improving the lot of the workers, but in reality our efforts must be geared to getting control of this movement of public opinion and directing it. The blindness of the masses, their readiness to surrender to that resounding but  empty eloquence that fills the public squares, make them an easy prey and a double instrument, of popularity and of credit. We will have no difficulty in finding as much eloquence among our people for the expression of false sentiments as Christians find in their sincerity and enthusiasm. So far as possible we must talk to the proletariat, bring it into subjection to those who have the handling of money. By this means we will be able to make the masses rise when we wish. We will drive them to upheavals, to revolutions; and each of these catastrophes marks a big step forward for our particular interests and brings us rapidly nearer to our sole aim—world domination as was promised to our father Abraham. 

'A Jewish Plan of World Domination', and it is referred to as "The Key to the Mystery". 
We are "Rulers of their Destiny" -- Rabbi's Prague Cemetery Speech
[] []
For the first time on the Internet, the 1869 lecture by Rabbi Reichorn to Jewish leaders in Prague, describing the covert Jewish war against Christian civilization, including the rationale for intermarriage, mastery of the press, destruction of family values and a feigned concern for workers. The final goal:  "reigning over the whole world, as had been promised to our father Abraham."
An article published in the Paris Review, Le Contemperain of July 1st, 1880 entitled 'An Account by John Readcliffe of the Politico Historical Events Registered in the Last 10 Years' purported to be a lecture given by a great Rabbi, Reichorn, at a second meeting of the inner circle of the Jewish leaders in Prague in 1869 over the tomb of the grand Rabbi, Simeon-ben-Jehuda. The document is now difficult to find.
As usual, Jewish apologists have been quick to discredit the document which is said to be a prototype for the Protocols of Zion, although it is quite different. In The Role of Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History,(2009) David Aronowitch claims that John Retcliffe was the pen name of Hermann Goedsche whose novel "Biarritz" contains a chapter "In the Jewish Cemetery of Prague" which forms the basis of the later account. This is similar to their bogus debunking for The Protocols involving Maurice Joly. 
La Via France, number 214, reported that Readcliff was killed shortly after the publication of the discourse. The Jew, Lisal, who had made it known to him, died in a duel. Here are some excerpts from the text, as edited by the Britons, 40 Great Ormond Street, London, England,
the people that published the Protocols:

"Our fathers have delegated to the chosen leaders of Judah the duty of meeting at least once in each century around the tomb of the great master Caleb, the Holy Rabbi, Simeon-ben-Jehuda, whose learning passes on to the elect of each generation, power over the whole world and authority over all the descendants of Judah.
Already now for 18 centuries has lasted the war the people of Judah against this Power which had been promised to Abraham, but which has snatched from him by 'The Cross', trodden under foot, humiliated by our enemies, constantly under the fear of death or persecution of robbery and of violence of all sorts. The people of Judah, however, have by no means succumbed. And if we are scattered over the whole world, it is because the whole world ought to belong to us. Since several centuries back, our learned men have been fighting bravely and with the perseverance which nothing can defeat against 'The Cross'. 
Our people are gradually coming out on top and every day our power increases. To us belongs the god of today, which Aaron has raised for us in the desert; this calf of gold, which is the universal god of the present day. From the moment when we shall have made ourselves sole possessors of all the gold of the world, the real power will pass into our hands, and then shall be accomplished the promises made to Abraham. Gold is the greatest power in the world. Gold, which is force, reward, and the means to all pleasure, all that man fears and covets; there you have the mystery; the deep knowledge of the spirit which rules the world; there you have the future. 18 centuries have belonged to our enemies, but the present century and future centuries must belong to us, people of Judah, and will surely belong to us.
This is the 10th occasion during the 1,000 years of the incessant and fierce struggle with our enemies that have met in the cemetery by the tomb of our grand master Caleb, the Holy Rabbi, Simeon-ben-Jehuda. The elected leaders of Judah, in order to devise means of turning to our advantage the serious mistakes and sins which our enemies, the Christians, are always committing. On each occasion, the new Sanhedrin has proclaimed and preached the fight without mercy against these enemies. But in none of the preceding centuries have our ancestors succeeded in concentrating in our hands so much gold and thus so much power as in the 19th, which was the 1800's, which has just passed. We can, therefore, flatter ourselves without fear of deceiving ourselves, that we have obtained our aim and can look with confidence to the future. The times of persecution and humiliation, those dark and painful times, which the people of Judah has borne with such heroic patience, are happily passed for us thanks to the progress of civilization among the Christians. And this progress is the best shield behind which we can hide and work in order to clear with firm and swift step the space which still separates us from our final goal.
Let us just cast our eyes over the material state of Europe and examine the resources which the Jews have managed to collect since the beginning of the present century, solely by the concentration in our hands of the vast capital which we now control at this very moment. Thus, in Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rome, Naples, etc., and among the Rothschilds everywhere, the Jews are masters of the financial situation by the possession of several thousand of millions. This, without counting, that in each locality of secondary or third rate of importance, there are those who hold funds in circulation and in everywhere without the sons of Judah, without their direct influence, no financial transaction, no important work can be carried out. 
Today, all the emperors, kings, and reigning princes are crushed by debts contracted for the maintenance of huge permanent armies to prompt up their tattering thrones. The money market tallies and regulates these debts and we are, to a great extent, masters of the money market everywhere. We must study, therefore, to encourage these borrowings more and more so that we may make ourselves sole controllers of all markets and, as far as possible, seize for ourselves as security for the capital which we have supplied to the countries the exploitation of their railways, their mines, their forests, their foundries, their factories; thus, also other real estate and even the control of taxes.
Agriculture will always remain the great source of wealth in all countries. The possession of large properties carries with it honor and influence to the owners. It follows then that our efforts should be directed towards making Jews large territorial magnets. We must, therefore, hasten the breaking up of these large properties so as to make our acquisition of them more quick and easy. Under the pretense of helping the working classes, we must put all the taxes on the owners of large properties. And when these properties shall have fallen into our hands, all the workers and Christian proletariat will become for us the source of immense gain.
Poverty is slavery has said a poet. The proletariat is the very humble servant of speculation. But oppression and influence are the very humble servants of the mind which inspires and prompts the cunning. Who then will refuse to the sons of Judah intelligence, prudence and cuteness? Our people are ambitious, proud and greedy for pleasure. Where there is light, there is also shade. And it is not without reason the our god has given to his chosen people the vitality of the serpent, the cunning of the fox, the vision of the falcon, the memory of the dog, the solidarity and the congregating instinct of the beaver. We have grown in the slavery of Babylon and we have become powerful. Our temples have been destroyed and we have rebuilt thousands of temples in their place. During 18 centuries we were slaves and in the present century, we have risen above all other peoples.
It is said that numbers of our brothers of Judah have been converted and baptized Christians. What does it matter? The baptized ones can become very useful to us. They can become our auxiliaries to march to new horizons, which are still unknown to us. For these converted ones still belong to us and despite the baptism of their bodies, their spirit and their soul always remain faithful to Judah. In a century's time it won't be the children of Judah who will desire to be Christians, but rather the Christians who will flock to our faith. But then Judah will repulse them with scorn. The Christian church being one of our most dangerous enemies, we must work perseveringly to weaken its influence. We must graft as much as possible on the intelligence of those who profess the Christian religion, ideas of free thought, of doubt, of schism and provoke religious disputes. So naturally faithful of divisions into sects of Christianity; naturally we must commence by discrediting the ministers of this religion. Let us declare open war on them; suggest suspicions as to their devotion of their private life and by ridicule and jest. We shall get the better of the consideration attached to the state and to the cloth.
The church's natural enemy is the light which comes from instruction and is the inevitable result of a multiplication of schools. Let us set ourselves to gain influence over the young pupils. The idea of progress carries with it the equality of all religions which, in its turn, leads to the suppression in the school course of lessons in Christianity. The Jews, by subtlety and learning, will obtain without difficulty chairs and positions as professors in Christian schools. By these means, religious education will be left to the family circle and, as in most families, there's no time to look after this branch of instruction. The religious spirit will weaken, little by little, and will completely disappear.
Each war, each revolution, each political or religious shock, which has come to pass in the Christian world brings nearer the moment when we shall obtain the goal towards which we are pressing. Commerce and speculation, two factors fruitful of vast gain, must never be out of the hands of the Jews. And first of all, we must make a monopoly of alcohol, butter, bread and wine. For by that, we shall make ourselves absolute masters of agricultural and of the whole rural economic position. We shall be the distributors of corn to all. But if a certain amount of discontent should come about arising from the misery of the proletariat, it would be easy to throw the responsibility onto the government.
All public offices must be open to Jews, and once installed, we shall know how to penetrate right to the foundation head of genuine influence and power. This by means of the activity and astuteness of our toadies and factotums. It is to be understood that all this only applies to positions of honor and power and privilege, for as regards those offices which require knowledge, work and trouble, these must be left to the Christians. The magistracy is for us, an institution of first importance. 
The career of barrister, a lawyer, more than any other, develops the faculty of civilization and brings one in touch with the business of our natural enemies, the Christians. And it is by these means that we are able to get them at our mercy. Why should not Jews become ministers of public instruction when they have so-called held the office of finance? Jews must also aspire to the ranks of the legislators so that they may work at destroying the laws made by the gentiles, faithless sinners; against the children of Judah, who are the only faithful by constant obedience of the laws of Abraham. For the rest on this matter, our plan is on the plan of complete success for progress has, almost everywhere, recognized and accorded to us the same rights to citizenship as to the Christian. But what is important to obtain and which must be the object of our constant endeavor, is a law less severe on bankruptcy. We shall make it a gold mine, far richer than the mines of California were formerly. 
The people of Judah must direct its ambitions toward the high degree of power whence flow preferment and honors. The most effective way of getting there is to have a firm hand on all associations; industrial, financial and commercial. All the while carefully guarding against any trap or temptation which might expose us to legal process. We must conduct ourselves, therefore, with these kinds of speculations, with that carefulness and tact which mark our special aptitude for business. 
We must be strangers to nothing which gains a position of distinction in society; philosophy, medicine, law, music, political, economy. In a word, all branches of science, art and literature are a vast field. Where success must make us bulk big and display our aptitude. These locations are inseparable from speculation. Thus a musical composition, no matter though very mediocre will give us a plausible excuse for setting a pedestal and surrounding with a halo the Jew who was the author. As for the sciences, medicine and philosophy, they might also form part of our intellectual domain. A doctor is initiated into the most intimate family secrets, and has as such in his hands the health and the life of our mortal enemies, the Christians.
We must encourage marriage between Jews and Christians. For the people of Judah , without risking loss by the contact, cannot but gain by these alliances. The introduction of a small drop of impure blood into our race, chosen by God, could by no means corrupt it, and our sons and daughters will furnish by these marriages alliances with Christian families in possession of some promotion and power.
 In exchange for the money which we shall give, it is just that we should obtain the equivalent in influence over those around us. This parentage with Christians does not entail any deviation from the course which we have traced out. On the contrary, with a little diplomacy it will make us, in some sort, rulers of their destiny. It is desirable that Jews should abstain from having women of our holy religion as mistresses, and that they should choose for that role among Christian virgins. To replace the sacrament of marriage in a Church by a simple contract before some civil authority would be a matter of great importance for us; for then Christian women would flock to our camp.
If gold is the first power in this world, the second undoubtedly is the press. But what can the second be without the first?  Since we cannot realize all that has already been said and planned without the help of the Press, therefore our people must direct all the daily newspapers in each country. The possession of the gold and the cleverness in using it to grease the palms of those open to bribery will make us arbiters of public opinion, and will give us dominion over the masses. 
Advancing thus, step by step in this path, and with the perseverance which is our great virtue, we shall push back the Christians and annihilate their influence. We shall dictate to the world in what they should have faith, what they ought to honor and what to curse. Perhaps some individuals will set themselves up against us and condemn and curse us; but the masses docile and ignorant will listen to us and take our side.
Once absolute masters of the press, we shall be able to alter to our taste all ideas of honor, virtue, uprightness of character, and make the first attack and strike the first blow at that institution, hitherto secret, namely, family life; and thus bring about its destruction. We shall be able to stamp out the belief and faith in all that which our enemies, the Christians, have hitherto venerated. Then forging for ourselves as a weapon the cultivation of the passions, we shall declare open war on all that which is still respected and venerated. 
Let all the foregoing be understood and duly noted. And let each child of Judah absorb these principles. Then our power will increase like a giant tree whose branches will bear the fruit  which is called riches, pleasure, happiness, power as compensation for the hideous state which has been the lot of the people of Judah for long centuries.
When one of our people makes a step forward, let another follow him closely. If a Jew is hailed before the courts  of the country, let his brother Jews come to his assistance.; but only when the former has acted in accordance with the laws which Judah has strictly observed for so many centuries. 
Our people are conservative, faithful to religious ceremonies and to the customs handed down by our ancestors. Our interest require that we at least pretend a zeal for social questions which are the order of the day; those above all which concern the improvement of the conditions of the workers. But, in reality, our efforts must be directed to seizing possession of this movement of public opinion (i.e. the emancipation of the working classes, the Labor Movement) and to using it for manipulating public policy. The blindness of the masses, the ease with which they are swayed by eloquence which as empty as it is high sounding...have made them the tame tools and easy prey of claptrap and humbug. We shall be able to find among our people those who are able to counterfeit sentiment and to command as much eloquence as sincere Christians have in their enthusiasm.
We must as far as possible divert the proletariat and bring them under the money handlers. By this means we shall make the masses rise when we want them to. We push them into insurrections and revolutions, and each one of these catastrophes advances our secret interests and brings us rapidly nearer to our grand goal, namely that of reigning over the whole world, as had been promised to our father Abraham.