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Criticisms of Jewish Political and Financial Influence throughout the 19th Century

This page is for the study of anti-Semitism and its rise as a political force throughout the world.

* "Simonini Letter" (1806) is placed tentatively at this point in the chronology until information is found when it was originally published.

* "The Promise of World Domination" (1868)

* "The Conquest of the World by the Jews. An Historical and Ethnical Essay" (1875, by Major Osman Bey)
- In English [] (1930 reprint by Western Front, of Hollywood, California)
- In German []

* "Der Seig des Judenthums uber Deuschtum" (1879, by Wilhelm Marrs), considered to be the 1st mass-produced book on this topic published in the German language.

* "On the Jews" (1881, Eugen Duhring)

* "Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" (1882)

* "The Jewish Question" (1890, La Civiltà Cattolica)

From "The Jewish Question" (1890-10-23, La Civiltà Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961) (.pdf) [], text []:
Here, a list of the main works, published, in the past few years, especially in France:
La France juive [Jewish France], 2 vols;
La fin d’un monde [The End of a World];
La dernière bataille [The Last Battle], by Edouard Drumont, Marpon and Denta, Paris;
Le juif [The Jew], by G. des Mousseaux, Watelier;
Études historiques [Historical Studies], by Van der Haeghen, Palmé;
L’entrée des Israélites dans la société française [The Entry of the Israelites into French Society], Lecoffre;
Les juifs nos maîtres [The Jews, Our Masters], by Abbé Chabautey;
Rome et les juifs [Rome and the Jews], by Lémann;
La question juive [The Jewish Question], by Rev. Fr. Ratisbonne, Douniol;
Les juifs, rois de l’époque [The Jews, Kings of the Epoch], by Toussenel, 2 volumes, Marpon;
La France n’est pas juive [France Is Not Jewish], by Reynaud, Marpon;
Le juif [The Jew], by Kraszewki, Dentu;
Pauvre Moschko [Poor Moschko], by Franzos, Floro;
Il sangue christiano nei riti ebraici della moderna Sinagoga [Christian Blood in the Hebraic Rites of the Modern Synagogue], Prato, Toscana, Giachetti & Co.;
La juiverie [Jewry], by G. de Pascal, Blériot;
La piaga ebrea [The Hebraic Plague], by Dr. Giov. De Stampa, Treviso;
Le juif, voilà l’ennemi [The Jew: Here‘s the Enemy], by Martinez, Savine;
La prépondérance juive [The Jewish Preponderance], by Abbé Joseph Lémann, Lecoffre;
La politique israélite [Israelite Politics], by Kimon, Savine;
Socialismo, discussioni [Socialism: Discussions], by Dr. Don Sebastiano Nicotra, Rome, Tip. Della Pace;
La Haute Banque et les Révolutions [The High Finance and the Revolutions], by Auguste Chirac, Savine;
La Russie juive [Jewish Russia], by Kalixt Wolski, Savine;
L’Algérie juive [Jewish Algeria], by Georges Meynié, Savine;
Le mystère du sang chez les juifs [The Mystery of Blood Among the Jews], by Desportes, Savine.

Documents listed at "The Jew in the modern world: a documentary history" (2011, 3rd ed., compiled and edited by Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jehuda Reinharz; Oxford University Press)[], full text []

* "How Profitable the Nation of the Jews Are" (1655, Menasseh Ben Israel)
* "Act of Suriname" (August 17, 1665, British Colonial Commissioner)
* "Declaration Protecting the Interest of Jews Residing in the Netherlands" (July 13, 1657, Estates General of the Republic of the United Provinces)
* Appointment of Samson Wertheimer as Imperial Court Factor (August 29, 1703, Leopold I)
* "Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland" (1714, John Toland)
* "Plantation Act" (March 19, 1740, Houses of Parliament of Great Britain)
* "The Jew Bill" (1753, Houses of Parliament of Great Britain)

1. Jews (1756) / Francois-Marie Arouet
2. Apology for the Jewish Nation (1762) / Isaac de Pinto
3. Reply to de Pinto (c. 1762) / Francois-Marie Arouet
4. State Within a State (1793) / Johann Gottlieb Fichte
5. On the Danger to the Well-Being and Character of the Germans Presented by the Jews (1816) / Jakob Friedrich Fries
6. Our Visitors (1816) / K. B. A. Sessa
7. Features of the Jews to Be Corrected (1819) / Leopold Zunz
8. Jewish Mirror (1819) / Hartwig von Hundt-Radowsky
9. Notables of the Jewish Community of Damascus (1840)
10. Appeal to All Israelites (1860)
Alliance Israelite Universelle
11. Our First Thirty-Five Years (1895)
Alliance Israelite Universelle
12. Jewish Problem (1843) / Bruno Bauer
13. On the Jewish Problem (1844) / Karl Marx
14. Jewry in Music (1850) / Richard Wagner
15. Victory of Judaism over Germandom (1879) / Wilhelm Marr
16. Question of the Jew Is a Question of Race (1881) / Karl Eugen Duehring
17. Judaism: Race or Religion? (1883) / Ernest Renan
18. Jews: Kings of the Epoch (1845) / Alphonse Toussenel
19. Jews: Oppressed or Oppressors? (1877) / Fyodor Dostoievsky
20. Jewish France (1886) / Edouard-Adolphe Drumont
21. What We Demand of Modern Jewry (1879) / Adolf Stoecker
22. Word About Our Jewry (1880) / Heinrich von Treitschke
23. Another Word About Our Jewry (1880) / Theodor Mommsen
24. Of the People of Israel (1882) / Friedrich Nietzsche --
Contents note continued: 25. Racists' Decalogue (1883) / Theodor Fritsch
26. J'accuse (1898) / Emile Zola
27. Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899) / Houston Stewart Chamberlain
28. Rabbi's Speech: The Promise of World Domination (1872) / Hermann Goedsche
29. Protocols of the Elders of Zion (c. 1902)
30. Expert Opinion in Support of the Ritual Blood Accusation (1911) / Ivan Alexeyevitch Sikorsky

1. Petition to Expel the Jews from New Amsterdam (September 22, 1654) / Peter Stuyvesant
2. Reply to Stuyvesant's Petition (April 26, 1655)
Dutch West India Company
3. Rights of the Jews of New Amsterdam (March 13, 1656)
Dutch West India Company
4. Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)
5. Virginia Act of 1785 (December 16, 1785)
6. Constitution of the United States of America (1789)
7. Message of Welcome to George Washington (August 17, 1790)
Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island
8. Reply to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport (c. August 17, 1790) / George Washington

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