Saturday, December 31, 2016

Elements of history in context...

Aldous Huxley’s warnings [link]

The World Anti-Imperialist Alliance [link]

"The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot" by John Pilger [link]

Brazil, 1979 to 1985: Fascism's Hallmark of public and private sector security agencies acting in collusion against Labor Unions and Human Rights advocates [link]

1970s Nazi Banker funds European "terrorists" [link]

1940, domestic fascism in the USA, and the Republican Party [link]

During 1930s, freedom of speech was outlawed by major city governments [link]

1992, Rosebud Denovo, an Anarchist Urban Guerrilla, dies defending People's Park in Berkeley [link]

CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy [link]

A fascist myth... The Communist World Government [link]

1975: "Campaign for Democratic Freedom" against a fascist police state and the conspiracy against the People of the United States [link]

Chicano CoIntelPro: Federal Police Plot to Destroy Mexican-American Unity [link]

The Lords of Creation: "A Disappeared Book on Wall Street History Provides a Dead Serious Warning" [link]

The "Atomic Lynching" of Puerto Rico []

Fascism is defined as a political process... [link]

1950: Fascist Dictatorship over the USA [link]

"Internal Security Forces" of the USA [link]

1950 USA Dissident Detention Centers (Concentration Camps) [link]

Revolutionary Gangs become Counter-Insurgency organizations [link]

Guerrilla War in the USA [link]

Black Panther Party - Origins [link]

Black Liberation Movement as anti-Imperialism [link]

The South's Shocking Hidden History: Thousands of Blacks Forced Into Slavery Until WW2 [link]

Cocaine, a weapon of oppression for the 1980s! [link]

"War Against The Panthers: A Study Of Repression In America" Doctoral Dissertation by Huey Netwon for UC Santa Cruz, 1980-06-01 [link]

USA: "Internal Security Act of 1950" & ''Emergency Detention Act of 1950' [link]

"The FBI's War on the Black Panther Party's Southern California Chapter" [link]

"Journeys Towards Peace: Internationalism and radical Orientalism during the U.S. war in Vietnam" [link]

Eldridge Cleaver [link]

August 18th Day of International Solidarity with the African-American People [link]

Revolutionary Peoples' Peace Delegations [link]

"In 1864, the first working international was born in London" [link]

1776 "American Revolution" protects capitalist slave property [link]

Euro-centric racism exhibited by Ethiopia's old ruling family [link]

USA War against the People of Laos [link]

1951-07-11: Anti-Integration Riot of Cicero, Illinois [link]

1971: "El Teatro Campesino, Collective Creativity, and the Cinco de Mayo" [link]

People's Democratic Republic of Afghanistan [link], self-determination for women, smart education for the public, and national products for the People! What went wrong?

"America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force; Whose security is the U.S. military and foreign service protecting?" [link]

"Tribute to Mabel Robinson Williams (1931-2014): Mabel and Robert F. Williams led a campaign for self-defense that shaped the 1960s" [link]

China's "Great Leap Forward" of 1958-1961, a leap in democracy, technology, and saving lives despite famine, blockade, and hostile encirclement [link]

Generations of Struggle to defend the Tierra Amarilla [link]

The Obama "New World Order" speech, released 2014-05-29 [link], an example in "counter-speak"

1989 Occupation of Tiananmen Square in Shanghai, PR China [link]

SS Logo of fascist Europe used cherishingly by USA Marine Corps Scout Snipers [link]

"Socialist Equality Party" (SEP), a USA State Dept. Socialist Party [link]

USA: "Defying the Democrats: Marxists and the Lost Labor Party of 1923" [link]

1980s "Communist reporter on Capitol Hill and other adventures" [link]

The Research Archive of Grover Furr []

Polls show: Eastern Europeans miss Communism []

Monopolists in the USA fight the rising working class revolution prior to 1917 and intervention in World War One [link]

USA State Media broadcast to Europe publishes plan to divide the Russian Federation, mirroring the goals of the fascist European Union of 1941 [link]

A Chronology of USA negotiations with Nazi Germany, 1942 to 1944, collected by []

1796: Robert Fulton uses China's model for prosperity for the USA []

Miner's Insurrections / Convict Labor []

China: 34 Problems with the idea that the Cultural Revolution was a "calamity" []

"Plans for a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in September 1945" []

"Jewish financiers who pulled Hitler out of the ditch" / "several Jewish bankers are backing Herr Hitler" []

Six formerly Secret communications of interest concerning relation between the USA, UKGB, State of Israel, and Arab Republic of Syria, 1945 to 1948 []


The "Dark Enlightenment" and neo-Reactionary Studies [link]

Constitutional Doctrine []

Criticisms of Jewish Political and Financial Influence throughout the 19th Century []

RAW DATA [link]