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Minerals in the Dead Sea are monetized at trillions of dollars

Trillion Pound Stakes -
Minerals and chemical deposits contained in The Dead Sea are monetized at $250 trillion as of 2012, including rare earth metals, bromides to make fuel and medicines, nitrogen for explosives, and potashes, which are used for fertilizer, etc., worth more money than what is publicly available! The question of the moment is how this benefit to humanity has been privatized instead of being devoted to social use for the people of the world... 
The industrial value contained in the Dead Sea's minerals were surveyed 1848 by a USA Navy Capt. W.F. Lynch, and during the first half of the 1800s, real-estate holdings and titles throughout the area were passed through representatives of the Sultan at Istanbul in negotiation with the House of Rothschild at the City of London in exchange for financial loans, followed by private leases of land to Jewish settlers adhering to a nationalist communal ideological framework which arose in the cities of Europe called "political Zionism", whose efforts were for the creation of a national jurisdiction capable of conducting international relations as a national government and which promoted industrial applications in mineral extractions to privately benefit their incorporated efforts.
The absolute value of the Dead Sea minerals are estimates, and vary by the current value for certain minerals.
Our Committee is open to the possibility that the monetization value is overinflated as to spur investment, however, enough rare-earth minerals are concentrated in a geographically small spot (including in the strata of the Negev Desert) to be of extreme strategic interest for any Information Technology network-based society since the advent of the copper wire and telegraphy in early 1800s.

"Israel Science & Technology: Resource-Based Industries" [http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Economy/eco6.html] [https://archive.today/gPT3v]. 
An overview showing mineral extraction activity at the Dead Sea.

"Israel's Five Trillion Dollar Secret" book, 1977 by Colonel Curtis Dall, former employee of Lehman Bros., and son-in-law of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt [http://www.amazon.com/Israels-five-trillion-dollar-secret/dp/B0006WOVDO] pg. 11:
"The well veiled objective of the Zionists backed by the Rothschilds financial interests was to acquire valid title to the Dead sea and its vast, inexhaustible deposits of potash and other valuable minerals, estimated by experts to be worth several thousand billion dollars."

Production of minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea. Reports, etc., relating to preliminary investigations, 1923-1925. Author: Palestine. Publisher: [London] Published on behalf of the Govt. of Palestine, by the Crown Agents for the Colonies [1925]. Archived at The London History Museum Archives, and at the archives of the British Museum Colonial office, and House of Commons. 
This official report estimates the minerals, except oil, in 1925 as follows: Magnesium Chloride, 22,000 tons, value 600 billion dollars; Potassium Chloride, 20,000 tons, value 75 billion dollars; other minerals valued at 1,200 billion dollars; or a total of about three trillion dollars, exclusive of oil.
* Production of minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea – reports, etc., relating to preliminary investigations, 1923-1925. (Open Library) [OpenLibrary.org link] [archive.today
* Production of minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea – reports, etc., relating to preliminary investigations, 1923-1925. (OCLC – World Cat) [WorldCat.org link] [archive.today] [archive.org]

"Dead Sea to yield Trillion in Riches; Concessions soon to be granted to exploit its mineral resources", 1927-08-22 from the "Evening Tribune" [http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=iT1hAAAAIBAJ&sjid=ZGMNAAAAIBAJ&pg=3409,6781746], and a limited copy at [https://archive.today/I1Snb]:
"technical report of the Dead sea minerals gives the following estimate of contents and values.
Potash: $70, 000,000,000; 
Bromide: $260,000,000,000; 
Salt $17,000,000,000; 
Gypsum: $120,000,000,000; 
Magnesium chloride: $523,000,000,000." 

"Mineral Wealth in Dead Sea is Worth $4,000,000,000, Says Sir Herbert Samuel", 1929-03-01 from "The Jewish Transcript" [http://jtn.stparchive.com/Archive/JTN/JTN03011929p08.php] [https://archive.today/j78mj]:
February 17, 1929, London (Feb. 15) -
The mineral wealth of the Dead Sea, the reputed bed of Sodom and Gemorrah, is estimated to be eight hundred million pounds Sterling and equivalent of $4,000,000,000, a sum which would be sufficient to pay the expenses of all nations who participated in the World War, declared Sir Herbert Samuel, former High Commissioner of Palestine in a lecture he delivered last night at the Westbourne Park Baptist Church.
The difficulty, however, is, the former High Commissioner stated, that there must necessarily be great delay in obtaining and working the concession for the extraction of this wealth. Sir Herbert expressed the belief that Palestine when developed fully under the British Mandate would create an opportunity for three million Jews to settle and live there under the best conditions. “There is in every respect cause for satisfaction with the British work in the Holy Land,” he said.
(click on or download the image for the original newspaper page where the article was originally published)

"Dead Sea Contains Gold Worth 50 Billions", 1929-09, "Popular Science" Vol. 115, No. 3, pg.63 [http://books.google.co.za/books?id=FigDAAAAMBAJ&q=georges+claude#v=onepage&q=georges%20claude&f=true]:
Dr. Georges Claude discovered $50,000,000,000 worth of gold contained in the dead sea.

"This will be a perpetual source of wealth for the ‘nation’ that controls the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea from Earths Orbit.
The following is from neo-reactionary sources which, at times, do not cite their sources, but were adapted and updated throughout the 20th century, sometimes based on an original document authored during early 1920s, similar to what is presented below, for nationalistic European audiences.
[Begin excerpt]
The British Mandate for Palestine, established with League of Nations approval, called for an election to be held by the citizens of Palestine to suitably determine the nature of their governing body. In 1919, the population there consisted of about 90% Arabs and about 10% ‘Jews’. Both groups had lived in Palestine quite harmoniously, for centuries, until the Zionists’ repatriation’ program was launched. ‘Repatriation’, it appears, was but a clever ‘blind’. If an election had taken place in 1919, or in the early ‘twenties’ as it should have, the area would, obviously, have been declared Arab Territory. So it was conveniently ‘determined’ by the ‘Palestine Commission‘, in 1919, under the British Mandate  that the Palestinians were ‘not ready’ to vote upon the question of the sovereignty of Palestine, and that vital matter was delayed and delayed.
The Arabs were never consulted regarding the preparation of the mandate (for Palestine by the British), nor did they ever recognize the mandate as binding upon them. They recognized that under ARTICLE 22 OF THE COVENANT OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS, the terms and provisions of the mandate for Palestine made the document illegal and invalid.
Powerful men, who represented large ownership in vast chemical interests in Europe, including Sir Herbert Samuel, Palestine’s High Commissioner, were active. He was a large owner in the British Oil Company, in the Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company and, together with the Rothschilds, in the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), which largely controlled the world’s chemical industry. The well-veiled objective of the Zionists backed by the Rothschild financial interests was to acquire valid title to the Dead Sea and its vast, inexhaustible deposits of potash and other minerals, estimated by experts to be worth several thousand billions of dollars. Hence, any country owning title to the Dead Sea, with its vast mineral reserves would, in time, become the wealthiest country in the world. This is the secret concealed behind the ‘Potash Curtain’.
In the meantime, the Rothschilds reportedly arranged to have some 2,000 workers in the Dead Sea area to mine the potash and related minerals on the understandably very desirable West Bank! (Potash, being a very valuable fertilizer for the growing of foods, is in wide demand throughout the world.) That mining operation costs less than one dollar a ton because all it requires is the drying of Dead Sea water in large vats, using the ample heat of the sun, then loading the recovered potash into railroad cars, thence to the global markets where the potash commands a price of fifty dollars or more per ton.
[end excerpt]

"The Palestine mystery: Sidelights on secret policy", 1948 by Arthur Lionel Rogers, published by Sterling Press, 68 pages. Includes details on the publicly known mineral resources contained in the Dead Sea.

The following is utilized in neo-reactionary studies as documentary evidence for patterns in history, and is included here because, as an artifact, it makes reference to the Dead Sea minerals. To view how the article is used for neo-reactionary studies, visit here [http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/jewel.htm] [https://archive.today/dHV5g].
"The Jewel Box of the World *"
by Coulson Shepherd, published by the "Message to Israel" newsletter vol. XXXV, Jan-Feb-March 1971:
* Radio Message given January 11, 1970 -
Today, I want you to see with me that Eretz Israel, the land of Israel, is the Jewel Box of the World.
In homesteading that land as an eternal home for God's covenant people, the people who are destined to bless the whole world, can we say from a human standpoint that this was a wise choice? With this question in mind, let us take a brief look at that land itself with its general outlook.
First of all, let us consider the size of this land of Israel.  In the present setup, we speak of the State of Israel as being a very small strip of land, but the borders of the land promised to Israel by the Lord God extend far beyond the present borders of the State of Israel.
God gave a great stretch of land to Abraham, reaching from the River of Egypt on the west to the great river, the River Euphrates, on the east.  This promise was confirmed in and through Isaac and Jacob.  In Ezekiel 47: 13-21 we have the land described in great detail.
Competent scholars have estimated that according to the description given in Ezekiel, the Promised Land covers an area of 300,000 square miles, or 192 million acres.  Israel has never come into possession of more than a small fraction of the land they will yet possess.
Next, notice with me the fact that the Land of Promise is the historical center of the nations.  In early history the land surface of the earth was divided with reference to Israel.  The lands of all other nations were made to fit into the land of Israel something like the spokes in a wheel, thus intimating that the Gentile nations would make their history as Israel made her history, being blessed when Israel was blessed and cursed when Israel was cursed.
From this time on the full history of Israel is given, while the history of the Gentile nations as given in the Bible is only given as they in some way are connected with Israel.  That is why we say the land of Israel is the historical center of the nations.
The land of Israel is the center of the land surface of the earth.  It is located, as we all know, on the eastern border of the Mediterranean Sea.  "Mediterranean" means middle of the earth.  By placing one foot of the measuring compass on Jerusalem, and swinging the other around over a map of the world, we will find that practically all land surface is enclosed in the circle.
The land of Israel, i.e. the entire Promised Land, is so situated that travelers going from one continent to another must pass through her territory.  The land has, therefore, been referred to as the "bridge between the nations."
This gives the land of Israel a decided advantage over other nations for all the inhabitants of that centrally located land can receive from all other nations anything they may have to offer, and they can send out to every corner of the earth anything they have to offer.
Surely, that is the reason God chose this land.  And think of what an advantage this will be when Jerusalem is the capitol of the world!
The land of Israel is also the center of all population.  We do not have time to go into that, but surely that is evident.  It is also the political center of the world, for the laws and forms of government coming out of this land have furnished the pattern for most all other nations.

The Religious Center -
The Land of Promise is also the religious center of the world.  This is the land where God gave the world the Bible, the Saviour, Christ was born in this land; He died in this land; was buried and arose from the grave in this land; from this land He ascended into heaven and when He returns to set up His kingdom on earth, He will return to this land.  No wonder God refers to it as "The Holy Land" -- "Jehovah's Land" -- "The Glory Land."
Now see how this central piece of land, that is given the preeminence over all other land by God is, "The Jewel Box of the World."
For years we have heard and read about the treasures to be found in the mineral wealth of the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is a freak of nature that has long been known but only recently discovered.
It is a body of water located 25 miles east of Jerusalem.  It is 53 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 13,000 feet deep at its greatest depth.  It is 1310 feet below sea level and surrounded by hills and mountains, which makes it an immense hole in the earth.
The Jordan pours on an average of 61/2 million tons of water into this hole every 24 hours which have no way of escape, except through the process of evaporation.  The average temperature in this region is 120 degrees, which causes a very rapid evaporation; and the minerals contained in the waters flowing in are all left behind.
Some years ago, a chemical analysis was made of these waters and they were found to contain in great quantities six different minerals that have considerable commercial value.
A very simple and inexpensive method is being used in mining these minerals, and they are estimated to have a total market value of about $1700 billion [$1.7 trillion] which is far more than the total wealth of the United States.  And then to realize that the Jordan River is pouring minerals into the Dead Sea as fast as they are being used! This means that the Dead Sea will be a perpetual source of wealth to the nation that controls it.
The material wealth in the land is something else to be considered, especially in the Negev and other vast stretches of "barren waste lands".
The surface has not even been scratched, but they are discovering that there is oil, copper, and no doubt gold that will yet be discovered.  Jewish energy, Jewish perseverance, Jewish wealth and leadership will do what has not been done through sheer neglect during the many centuries the land has been under the control of unprogressive peoples.
And we do not have time to mention the great quantity of oil in these lands surrounding Israel that one day will be part of Israel.  Truly, this land is "The Jewel Box of the World".
It would seem that God has kept all of this wealth covered until His covenant people returned to the land to possess it as their very own.
Knowledge of what is in the "Jewel Box" may have something to do with the Middle East problems.  God, however, is more concerned about His people than He is with all this material wealth.  He calls His covenant people, the nation of Israel, "a peculiar treasure" unto Himself (Exodus 19:5).
The people are back to the land of their fathers, and all the other prophetic Scriptures regarding their national regeneration will positively be fulfilled.
Today, God is dealing with individual Jews and Gentiles.  he has purchased us as a "pearl of great price". (Matthew 13:45,46), and now it is up to us to hear and heed His plan of redemption and salvation.
[end "Jewel Box" article excerpt]
Google.com returned 23 mentions of the title "Jewel-Box of the World" (see screengrab, download or click for bigger image), which is not surprising as most newsletters are not on the internet, however, it is surprising that this article is not commonly used enough that more sources were not returned.

However, the beautiful title "Jewel-Box of the World" in reference to the "Holy Land" was found with the "Baltimore Afro-American" newspaper, Dec 25, 1979 (download image for better view) [news.google.com link]:

"God's March to the New Jerusalem", 2013 by D. Min. Vaughn, pg. 232 [http://books.google.com/books?id=wkzmF7R--x4C&pg=PA232]:

"Dead Sea Power Project; MED-DEAD/ LAKE SHALOM PROJECT: A VISION FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE", 2011 [http://deadseapower.com/project_review/] [https://archive.today/Rpixw]:
[begin excerpt] Protection of Potash Mining Interests: The potash mining interests in Israel and Jordan can be secured by constructing a dike higher than the level of the Med water, with a large conduit (4 meters diameter) from the deep water through the dike. The Med water sitting on the Dead water will push the pure Dead water up behind the dike. This Dead water will be available at the level of 397meters below sea level, whereas now it is 423mbsl (and will be at 433mbsl by the time a project is built). Since the desalination ponds are at 396 mbsl, the pumping head will be reduced from about 34 meters to 1 meter, saving most of the energy required to pump the Dead Sea water to the evaporation ponds. Dead water for Arab Potash will be supplied through the dike that follows the boundary between Jordan and Israel. This is another example of the collaboration that will be an outgrowth of the Project (for Peace).
[end excerpt]

Photo showing a nice view of Dead Sea salt deposits, part of the many wonders adding tourist value to this mineral depository.

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