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"The Tor Guide for Hidden Services V. 4.0" (2013-06-03, unedited)

Credits: (Myself), chisquare, TriPh0rce.
These gentlemen helped me out quite a lot in updating this. In this version we systematically took out dead sites and reorganized anything that needed to be reorganized. Descriptions have been updated as well.
If you any more sites not included here (No CP please!), e-mail me @ I'll be sure to edit this entry and implement whatever is needed. I'll also give you credit beside the link.
If you'd like to donate for future projects my Bitcoin address is: 18KoZfho3QVewMFLcUouudvZtE7a2ALeMe

Thank you, and happy browsing!
Introductions: Basic places to start on the .onion network. Includes indexes and related websites.
ion's Hidden Wiki (Traditional wiki after Matt's went down) - The original Hidden Wiki is back up! It's a little outdated but it still contains all of it's misc. pages: http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
noreason's Hidden Wiki Mirror - ion mirror: http://fkyvwpu7ccsorke2.onion/mirrors/-thw/-The%20Hidden%20Wiki%20July%202012/kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page.html
Evil|Wiki - Open-edit Wiki categorized differently than the traditional THW. Has many exclusive pages as well. Devoid of vandalism. Looks much nicer than many other mirrors: http://wvk32thojln4gpp4.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Censored Wiki - A censored Hidden Wiki mirror without cp/jailbait hosted on Freedom Hosting. Maintained by TriPh0rce and many other onions: http://3suaolltfj2xjksb.onion/hiddenwiki/
Hackbloc's Hidden Wiki Mirror - User edited mirror. Useful but vandalized by scammers often: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/hackbloc/index.php/Mirror/kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/Main_Page
Hidden Wiki Mirror - Very heavily outdated. Last modified October 2011. Use if you have to: http://7jguhsfwruviatqe.onion/index.php/Main_Page
Core.onion - The long-standing introduction place for Tor: http://eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion/
TORDIR - User-submitted links. Can rate sites and create accounts as well as well: http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/
Sites Deep Web - Uncategorized list of links: http://ekwreugkil5ncyyh.onion/
Torlinks - Fast, moderated, and up-to-date without censorship. Essentially a mirror of THW but not in the Wiki format: http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/index.php
OnionList - Another Hidden Wiki ripoff like Torlinks: http://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/
Start Book - Another way to keep track of bookmarks and favorites: http://53otrkyvae462lhb.onion/

Search engines: "Google" for Tor. Search engines are generally much more unreliable. I suggest using indexes. They're nice for the novelty though.
DuckDuckGo - Also an awesome clearnet search engine that respects your privacy. This doesn't actually search for Hidden Services, but it's similar to searching with a proxy: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/
DeepSearch - An alternate search engine that indexes Hidden Services: http://xycpusearchon2mc.onion/

Bitcoin Laundry: Services for Bitcoin, a decentralized (mostly) anonymous currency used in Tor. Obscure your Bitcoins' history. Please research laundry services before you utilize them!
Bitcoin Fog - I had a chance to test this out and it is legitimate. It's a great automated washing service: http://fogcore5n3ov3tui.onion/
OnionBC - Laundry service and wallet with sign-ups: http://6fgd4togcynxyclb.onion/
(BitMix and TORWallet are scams.)

Media sharing: Download or maybe upload media content.
Ebooks - Random assortment of ebooks: http://pwjxmvlir72hep5u.onion/
The Anarchism Library Onion-Mirror - Mirrors books from The Anarchist Library: http://4zeottxi5qmnnjhd.onion/
QicPic - Host images: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/qicpic/
The Bomb Shelter - Back up your files: http://ntoibame4iky6xhv.onion/
TorShare - Upload files: http://oukryuqqc7ffenin.onion/
Sky Fortress - Encrypt and upload files: http://shxdhomhggy3bjrn.onion/skyfortress.php
Onionweb filehosting - Upload/backup files. Requires you to split files into rars: http://3fnhfsfc2bpzdste.onion/
NoReason's Site - Has loads of info and pdf files on different subjects. Sporadic uptime. It's an amazing site: http://fkyvwpu7ccsorke2.onion/
Onionweb Filehosting - Non-CP. Upload rar, zip, etc: http://3fnhfsfc2bpzdste.onion/
sTORage - Public file hosting. No CP. Read-only now: http://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/
ES Simple Uploader - Hosts images, docs, etc: http://i7hknwg4up2jhdkx.onion/
LiberaTor - Military, anarchy, weapons, etc stuff: http://p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion/
Tard's Library - User-run ebook site. Lots of content: http://xsin4xbme24aatvk.onion/
The Tor Library - Over 48GB of books on all kinds of subjects: http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/
Lossless Audio Files - Music; great sound quality: http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/
Fenergy - Has some ebooks and links on energy resources: http://htm3iyhkfq5pwisy.onion/fenergy/
The Pirate Bay - The .onion mirror of The Pirate Bay. If TPB is censored in your country, use this!: http://jntlesnev5o7zysa.onion/

Pastebins: Just like this one.
Blackbin - Basic Pastebin. Password protect: http://hvieybi6rb45wfpg.onion/
PasteOnion - Can do languages. Password protect: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/boi/
TorBin - Russian Pastebin: http://kvbu63gupbad5lyw.onion/

Hosting websites: Information for .onion websites.
Freedom Hosting - Attacked by Anonymous, hosts a huge portion of .onion sites. Currently, invite only. Excellent uptime. GUI file manager: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/
Torhost.onion - Newer free hosting service. SFTP-accessible. Supports PHP and SQLite: http://torhostg5s7pa2sn.onion/
Pachinco's WebHosting Service - Supposedly offers web hosting: http://olfr5bg4qeliapk4.onion/
Liberty's Hackers - Offers phpmyadmin service with strict rules against illegal content: http://3vnjj7h6c6vw2yh5.onion/hello.php
Flinch Host - Just an e-mail listed. May offer web hosting. Nothing confirmed: http://22gdwwknxr2lfyzx.onion/
Tor WebDesign Guidelines - Doesn't host content, but has basic guidelines for making a site: http://wf4df37hrebhwzts.onion/
See the official Tor project site on information to host your own .onion site without a third party.

Chans/Imageboards - Kind of like 4chan and the likes. MAY CONTAIN QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. See the Chan page on the Cleaned Wiki.
Anonchan - Birthday November 2011. Went viral after conception. Moderated by me. Random board. Pretty active: http://od6j46sy5zg7aqze.onion/
Onii-Chan - Chan run by chisquare himself. Many categories, very active: http://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/ib/
TriChan - Good board, fairly active. Hosted by TriPh0rce. Non-CP: http://3suaolltfj2xjksb.onion/chan/
Thorlauta - Successor to Torlauta. Finnish, but has some nice added board features like a search bar: http://zqiirytam276uogb.onion/
Torchan - Birthday December 2011. Formerly an excellent community run by great staff. dgft, a delusional pedophile, took over it. Should probably avoid it: http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/
Deaths: RundaChan, Bobby's Board, Hidden Image Site, Tiki Board, Rainbow, AlliumIB.

Boards: Mostly SnapBBS and phpBB. Normal forums.
ReddiTor - The latest installment of ReddiTor, now on a reliable server with a good configuration: http://redditqlrzb7rrsy.onion/
Onionforum 2.0 - Forums for discussions. Meh discussion, Admins gone: http://65bgvta7yos3sce5.onion/
Tor Help Forum - Basic convos and helpful for newbies. Mostly dead: http://zntpwh6qmsbvek6p.onion/forum/index.php
Talk.onion - Formerly known as talk.masked. Very old, famous discussion board. Anon-posting: http://ci3hn2uzjw2wby3z.onion/
(Open to suggestions, e-mail me)

Networking: Social networking.
Torbook - Custom-designed Facebook for Tor. Has a public square for discussions: http://ay5kwknh6znfmcbb.onion/torbook/
StaTorsNet - A social network using the StatusNet script. Created 9 June 2013: http://r5c2ch4h5rogigqi.onion
Hell Online - Social network not unlike Twitter: http://u4uoz3aphqbdc754.onion/

Blogging/Revolutionary/Political: Blogs on Tor/Revolutionary sites. They pretty much go hand-in-hand in Onionland.

Treasury - Funding and Verification of Anonymous Crowd-Directed Actions. Movement to make an anonymous platform that will support action: vg7remvvo2dnyeo3.onion/Treasury.html
profunc** - Pro-socialist page, lots of communist files: http://vc24blsbg5ow5slk.onion/
ismism - Wide range of random topics and political gibberish: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/ismism/
Exploit - A personal page under construction managed by a hacker. Has useful tools: http://mqv7qz5rn3sf5dcx.onion/
The blog of an I2Person - Blog maintained by chisquare, owner of Nameless IRC and Oniichan: http://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/blog/
404's Onion Domain - A personal page kept by 404, a lurker on a few Hidden Services. Includes links and a flatpress blog: http://5a7ryk7pdjflogpx.onion/
Dark Like My Soul - A blog by fancycakes. Has some of the most inspiring and beautiful poetry you will read within your lifetime, and also has technical stuff: http://ad52wtwp2goynr3a.onion/
Heidenwut - Politics, revolutionary. Interesting website: http://hq3hmoa4thdplmta.onion/
Intel Exchange - The famous snapBBS forum now runs on another BB script. Discuss corruption, surveillance, living off-the-grid, and Big Brother: http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/
Nekro's Onion #Dwelling# - My blog. Contains personal updates, links, and contact info: http://p43g3uyr4dhneura.onion/blog/
Tornado - User-supported blog. Polls, comments, and a forum: http://b6kpigzhrdhibmos.onion/d6/
Censor This! - A blog talking about censorship. It's not updated too often, but interesting nonetheless: http://cxoz72fgevhfgitm.onion/
Movement of torism - Radical pro-Tor support group: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/a42/
Christopher Dorner Support Page - Page in support of the police officer who went on a shooting spree for revenge: http://fkqt2iaclbsvn2tt.onion/
Exposed - The Secret Files - Whistleblowing service. Compiles dox as well: http://exposed36mq3ns23.onion/
Aryan Nation SS - Neo-nazi propoganda campaign: http://im43ja7sd4whpy72.onion/
ParaZite - Incredibly strange but well-made: http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/
FREEFOR - A blog-ish site that contains a Wiki, forum, chat, and a couple more features: http://tns7i5gucaaussz4.onion/
Against Servants - A tl;dr about terrorism, foreign affairs, and fascist leaders: http://hlmrraadkb646464.onion/
Croat's Blog - Dead whistleblowing blog from Croatia. Shame: http://kv77v7n5kblz5tpw.onion/
Area 51 Archives - A site that allegedly will be soon setting up a Wiki to mirror some of's content. Dead: http://u3dqz36dcvhwd7kv.onion/

Email/Messaging: Communication.
Tor Mail - Email services. * http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/
PrivacyBox - The Tor version of Will be closing shortly due to outdated software: http://c4wcxidkfhvmzhw6.onion/index.en.html
SimplePM - Basic PM service. No registration needed: http://4v6veu7nsxklglnu.onion/SimplePM.php
SMS4TOR - Self-detonating messaging service. Messages are deleted after viewed: http://sms4tor3vcr2geip.onion/
crypTor - Fast, convenient and easy PGP encryption: http://thah3jusrmh3rxpx.onion/
Tor YellowPages - List contact details (e-mail, SimplePM, Torchat ID) to let other Torizens get in touch with you and vice versa: http://yellowng5sqs66bk.onion/

H/P/A/V/C, Doxing, Security, etc.
HackBB - Forums for hacking, hosts some content. Great community: http://clsvtzwzdgzkjda7.onion/
Hashparty - Cracking site: http://3terbsb5mmmdyhse.onion/
Weird and Wonderful Old Stuff - Collection of old DOS and Windoze software: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/dosbox2/
Doxbin - A large index of personal identifying information. User-submitted. Similar to /i/ or personal army or the trends you see on Pastebin: http://doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion/
Requiem - Remove Apple's DRM security. Confirmed by many users as legitimate: http://tag3ulp55xczs3pn.onion/
Hack The Planet - Various security related content: http://chippyits5cqbd7p.onion/
Fairie Underground - Resource guide for computer security: http://faerieuaahqvzgby.onion/
Hacker's Workshop - Ebooks and other content for newbie hackers: http://pjahhqnqsups75jx.onion/

Drugs/Marketplaces: Places where you can buy stuff! Or research a particular illegal subject (ahem, drugs).
StExo's Lair - Reputable vendor on Silk Road who hosts static pages for many vendors on Silk Road as well as contact information. Made in the growing concern of SR's seizure: http://5uvrgtrgtwkkxsgw.onion/
Silk Road - Infamous on the news. Excellent products and (mostly) reliable sellers. This is the REAL AND ONLY LINK!!!: http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/index.php/silkroad/home
Black Market Reloaded - Excellent products, smaller than Silk Road. Doesn't require a fee to be a seller: http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/
BMR Forums -  BMR-related iscussions: http://fec33nz6mhzd54zj.onion/
Silk Road Forums - SR-related discussions: http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php
TorDrugResource - Chemistry, pharmacology, cultivation, and lots of other information on different types of illicit substances. Mostly PDFs: http://y47ylcppnh3afqk4.onion/

Pornography: Normal adult sites on Tor.
Starfuckers, Inc. - Celebrity nudes: http://mvdezygqixx3ucpl.onion/
Pink Meth - Read-only archive of a revenge porn site: http://pinkmethuylnenlz.onion/mirror

Misc: Cool websites that don't fit any of the above.
Exit The Matrix - Currently the only browser game on Tor! Take the red or blue pill. Mirrored on Nekro's Onion #Shanty#: http://p43g3uyr4dhneura.onion/blog/matrix/index.html
Salty Pad - An etherpad service. Allows you to collaborate and write .txt files with other people. Live updates: http://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/ep/pad/ - Etherpad service by Riseup: http://ttbmov2dezfs2fln.onion/
Anonymoose Chat - Plain HTML chat. Doesn't really fit anywhere else...: http://c2hluuzwi7tuceu6.onion/
TorBackMachine - Same guy who hosted and subsequently gave up OnionForum 3.0. This is supposed to be an archive similar to Wayback Machine. Didn't appear to ever get finished and take off: http://wf74ekmmmgg2pe3v.onion/
Mirrorserver - A huge place dedicated to mirroring .onion sites and endangered clearnet sites: http://2zyakjq2hvtbg6qd.onion/
Long Live the enV2 - A beautifully weird site about the LG enV2. I've got no idea why this was created in the first place, but...: http://iwdmsbpxclyjhi4e.onion/index.html
Carson - Poems, poems, and poems: http://carson27rcopqmms.onion/
Beneath VT - Information on the tunnels under Virginia Tech: http://74ypjqjwf6oejmax.onion/
Indymedia Keyserver - A place to distribute your PGP public key: http://qtt2yl5jocgrk7nu.onion/
Human Experiments - "We go, where few dare". Supposedly collects data from human torture sessions. Obviously fake, but still a famous landmark: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/experiments/
Mariana's Web - Experience the forbidden: http://dx37guvtyy7wil3n.onion/index.html
Encyclopedia Dramatica - .onion site for ED: http://edramalpl7oq5npk.onion/Main_Page

Tor-specific links: Links mostly related to the Tor Project itself.
TorStatus - View Tor routers and specific details about them. Uptime, etc: http://jlve2y45zacpbz6s.onion/
media.torproject -  "media is the canonical archive of all Tor images, videos, and related  files." Need a Tor image/video? This is the right place: http://p3igkncehackjtib.onion/
torservers - Non-profit generous site that runs exit nodes. You can donate in a variety of ways: http://hbpvnydyyjbmhx6b.onion/

IRC: IRC servers. Needs an IRC client to use, such as XChat or mIRC. Default ports are 6667. Type /list in the dialog box to see all the channels.
OnionNet: The oldest Onionland IRC network. Not as active as it used to be.
ftwircdwyhghzw4i.onion - FTW
renko743grixe7ob.onion - Renko
jkpos24pl2r3urlw.onion - PB (Pedoboard)
nissehqau52b5kuo.onion - Nissehult
KillYourIRC Gateway: Access IRC2P (I2P's IRC)
Freenode: .onion version of Freenode
OFTC: Big support server for Tor, lots of channels, fairly active.
Nameless: Great active IRC server. Randomized nicknames by defaults, as well as tripcodes.

Progressive Changelog:
3 June: Added StExo's Lair
5 June: Added Tor YellowPages and SimplePM
9 June: Added StaTorsNet and Treasury.
[end article]

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