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Declassified CIA Study Finds Ethiopia Racist

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A 2006 declassified internal CIA document of a “Study Submitted to the National Security Council in April 1958″  finds Ethiopian attitude towards “Negros” peculiar. The Study states: “Ethiopians generally consider themselves to be of the Caucasian race and tend to look down and resent the American Negro.”

Problems Peculiar to Ethiopia -
“Among some Ethiopians there is a feeling a prejudice against Negroes.
“Practice. Civilian agency personnel officers are aware that there is some Ethiopian racial prejudice. The assignment of Negro personal to Ethiopia is not precluded by the agencies as a matter of policy. The need for the services of the individual are weighed carefully, however, in relation to the possible embarrassment of the employee, limitations on the effectiveness of the employee in accomplishing program objectives, and the possibility of the assignment presenting a further cause of the possible friction with the Ethiopians.”

It should be recalled that Marcus Garvey also found the Ethiopia Emperor to be racist and “white slave hero worshiper”. Marcus Garvey on Racist Ethiopia and its Emperor writes:
“It is a pity that a man of the limited intellectual calibre & weak political character like Haile Selassie became Emperor of Abyssinia at so crucial a time in the political history of the world. Unfortunately, Abyssinia lost the controlling influence of a political personality of patriotic racial character like the late Menelik, whose loyalty to his race and devotion to his country excelled all his other qualities, to the extent that he was able to use that very strength to continuously safeguard the interests of the Ethiopian Empire. What he did so well to preserve, a cringing, white slave hero worshiper, visionless and disloyal to his country, threw away. This is the impression the serious minded political student forms of the conduct of the ex-Emperor of Abyssinia… Every Negro who is proud of his race must be ashamed of the way in which Haile Selassie surrendered himself to the white wolves of Europe. …It was black men fighting black men, and this was made possible in Abyssinia because the regime of Haile Selassie had given a bad taste to the mouth, not only of the blacks of Abyssinia but of those of the surrounding territories. They felt that they had a cause against the Amharic white loving Emperor who liked to chain and flog black men”.

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