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The "Dark Enlightenment" and neo-Reactionary Studies

This page contains information concerning a current of political reasoning and research, known altogether as the "Dark Enlightenment" or as "neo-Reactionary", and includes inquiries classified as "Hate" by many public and private security agencies. Links to ( or ( are "security neutral", but scrub your browser history after visiting other websites!
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Counter-Currents Publishing: "Books Against Time" -
The following is from the book review for "The Lightning and the Sun" by Savitri Devi (3rd Ed., edited by R. G. Fowler, published 2014), archived at []: In the first part of The Lightning and the Sun, Savitri Devi sets forth the Traditionalist view that history is cyclical and declines from a primordial Golden Age through Silver and Bronze Ages to a final Dark Age, or Kali Yuga, after which a new Golden Age will dawn. Savitri Devi then offers an original distinction between three kinds of men in relation to the downward course of time: Men in Time, who push historical decline forward; Men above Time, who seek to rise entirely above historical decay; and Men against Time, who fight the downward current to time. Men in Time are likened to lightning, the symbol of violence, which rules history, especially in the Kali Yuga; Men above Time are likened to the sun, the symbol of enlightenment; and Men against Time combine both elemental powers, using Dark Age violence to advance Golden Age truths.

Counter-Currents Publishing titles, book list links archived 2014-09 to (
Original Titles page [link];
Distributed Titles page 1 [link], page 2 [link], page 3 [link], page 4 [link], page 5 [link].
A selection of books from Counter Currents:

Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing interviews -
** Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists (2009-08), pt.1 [], pt. 2 []
** Chip Smith of Nine Banded Books [], books list []

Why Counter-Current Publishing in the San Francisco Bay Area went "underground" -
** "Bay Area Leidang Leafletted Counter-Currents Press" (2012-08-31)[], backed up at ( (
** "Anti-racist Activists Picketing Counter-Currents" (2012-12-08) [], backed up at [] []
** "White Supremacist Book Distributor Operating in the Sunset District, San Francisco, CA" (2013-02-04) [], backed up at ( (
** "Counter-Currents on the Run!" (2013-05-16) [], backed up at ( (
** "Death in June in San Francisco" (2013-09-14) [], backed up at ( (
** "Happy Birthday to Us" (2014-06-11) [], backed up at ( (

"Revisionism": The "Dark Enlightenment" is based on evaluating the evidence to define the "consensual historical narrative", and to re-define the current context on that basis.

** The Rise and Fall of Historical Revisionism following World War I []

"What is your take on (Shoa) revisionism?" as answered by Chip Smith of Nine Banded Books [link]:
When hard evidence of gas chambers collapses under scrutiny, we’re next assured that those preternaturally resourceful Nazis covered their tracks at all turns—that the archived blueprints for showers and shelters were gas chamber plans in subterfuge, that extermination orders were concealed under an elaborate euphemistic code, that budgetary allocations are slyly nested under the copious camouflage of quotidian expense reports, work orders, and so on. It’s all right there in Walter’s Laqueur’s The Terrible Secret, or in just about any standard history you care to pick up in the Holocaust studies section of your local Barnes & Noble—all the hallmarks of conspiracy theory surreally accorded the stature of a master narrative.
** The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence [ link] [] []
** Inconvenient History []
** An Independent Revisionist Blog []
** Historical Review Press (HRP) []
** Committee for open Debate On the Holocaust (CODOH) []
** Institute for Historical Review (IHR) []
** ZundelSite []
** [] []

Racial studies:
** "Racial Purity, Ethnic Genetic Interests,& the Cobb Case" []
** Evo and Proud [], Peter Frost's anthropology blog, with special reference to sexual selection and the evolution of skin, hair, and eye pigmentation
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** The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce []

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