Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1970s Nazi Banker funds European "terrorists"

A fascist banker funds communist militias across western Europe, and in response, western Europe increases state security and implements stricter controls...

"The Terror Network" by Claire Sterling, 1981, pgs. 118, 119:
( ... ) banker in Europe: Francois Arnoud.
Arnoud was a founder of Switzer-land's neo-Nazi Party and had been a trusted banker for the German Nazis too. The documents he published after the war, autographed by Hitler, reportedly came from the renowned Martin Bormann's archives. ( ... ) As head of the Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva, Arnoud soon became a formidable financial power. Tens of millions of dollars passed through the hands of this neo-Nazi financier for the Palestinians' use in Europe. Much of it went to the militant Communists forming the world's first multinational terrorist band in Paris at the time.

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