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Eldridge Cleaver bibliography

1968-02 "Eldridge Cleaver: Post-prison writings and speeches by the author of 'Soul on Ice' ", edited and with an introduction by Robert Scheer. A Ramparts Book.

"Juche! The Speeches and Writings of Kim Il Sung", with a forward by Eldridge Cleaver.
published 1972, hardcover, 271 pages, ISBN 067041011X

* "The Defection of Eldridge Cleaver& Reactionary Suicide" by Huey P. Newton []

Eldridge Cleaver Crusades: "The Crusader" newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1, 1977.
Description from "Bolerium Books" of San Francisco []:
Eldridge Cleaver Crusades, Stanford, CA. 1977, Eight page newsletter, 8.5x11 inches, illustrated with numerous black and white photos. Likely the only issue produced (OCLC shows no later issues) Produced after the former Black Panther fugitive's conversion to Christianity and the founding of his ministry, the newsletter outlines includes a substantial article by Kathleen Cleaver (portrayed in her trademark Afro) discussing his legal travails. She thanks the Lord for his release on bail, noting that background information about police frameups of the Movement had become public and changed the atmposphere around his trial. Includes excerpts from Cleaver's addresses to universities and religious organizations around the country, such as a speeh from Vanderbilt, "The achilles heel of the stumbling Red Monster" (a repudiation of communism). Cites an emotional encounter with a family of Chinese-American former radicals in San Francisco who had also turned to Jesus.

"The FBI, OPD and Eldridge Cleaver"
c1977 from "The Friends of Eldridge Cleaver", San Francisco.
Description from "Bolerium Books" []: [32]p., illus., slightly worn wraps. On Cleaver's case, with special focus on Cointelpro and its war against black communities.

Poetry chapbooks, published 1984 by "C.P. Times Press" of San Francisco, as a series of six volumes, 8 pages each:
* "Gangster Cigarettes"
* "Idi and the sultan"
* "Toxic waste & acid rain"
* "Natasha"
* "A Hit Squad of Chinks"

"Soul on Islam", by Ahmad Eldridge Cleaver , published 2006 by "Seaburn", 102 pages, ISBN 159232097X

“Soul on Islam” is the first book written by Ahmad Maceo Eldridge Cleaver, the son of best selling author Eldridge Cleaver. This book is an informative memoir sketching his life with his parents, activists in America's civil rights movement, including details of their life in Algeria, where he was born, France and in America. Then the book continues to unfold and gives the reader a very moving and beautifully put description of how the author came to embrace Islam twelve years ago. He has spent nearly a decade living and traveling amongst the Muslims in countries in the Arabian Peninsula and in Africa and in the book he shares some of the stories and scenes that he has passed through while living in Sudan and in Qatar.

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