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For Russia's Survival, a Unity of Heritage and History

"Number one goal for Russian world" by Evgeny Chernyshev (2015-01-27) [http://novorossia.su/ru/node/13428] [https://archive.today/iRE7I] [article machine-translated from the original Russian language, and adapted for syntax]:
To date, we can confidently say that the union of Orthodox Christians with supporters of the Soviet project is a philosophical and ideological number one task for the entire Russian world. If Russia will solve this problem, it will rise to its highest pitch, unite around him all the Russian world and become the center of attraction of all free mankind who does not want to live under the thumb of the West. If we do not solve this problem, we will find ourselves on the threshold of the inner turmoil and destruction. Too powerful forces interested in this.

The fact that the Soviet system, and the more Orthodox are the worst enemies of the West, confirmed by a simple historical fact: the West has consistently fought against both. First, it was destroyed by the Orthodox Russian Empire, then - the atheistic Soviet Union. Today, when Russia officially is neither communist nor Orthodox, and has no ideology, the West comes from anger emerging in Russia association of Orthodox Christians and supporters of the Soviet project. How Come? Because it is - the key to the revival of the Russian world.

Naturally, we are not talking and can not talk about reconciliation Christian worldview with communist ideology, because in some areas they directly contradict each other. But this is not necessary. We need no mixing of the two worldviews to some one that does not suit anybody, and bringing people together on the basis of love for the Fatherland. And since we have one homeland, then one story. This is the primary postulate from which to draw on. The history of Russia is based on the Orthodox Church, but also had a very important Soviet "saying" that it is important to decipher and write in the context of the "language" of Russian history.

Orthodoxy united dozens of Slavic tribes into a single Russian people, who have historically formed exactly as Orthodox people who has mastered half of Eurasia and prityanuvshy to itself the mass of other nations, and even gave many state. At the same time, the Orthodox Russia has failed to respond to the historic challenge of Western "progress" under the guise of which the Empire was destroyed, but there were signs of this long before 1917.

Soviet ideology allowed to make a grand economic breakthrough, won a great victory, to rebuild the country, but gradually in the minds of the people has been reduced to the pursuit of Western belongings, chewing gum and entertainment.

Already on these examples, it is clear that Russian history can "speak" in different ways.

In this historical moment the Russian world is undergoing a vital need for a new mobilization, and this brings the need for extremely orthodox and Soviet-communist world outlook of the Stalinist era, and who have a common goal - the revival of the whole of Russia, and the common enemy - the liberal globalism. Yes, they understand it differently, but it is not an obstacle for their synthesis. Combining Orthodoxy and Soviet communist ideology means not mixing them, and joining forces. This association is quite possible, if you leave Orthodoxy niche and communism - a. Orthodoxy - this world-leading human salvation in the kingdom of God. Communism - the ideology of economic dispensation of society on the basis of justice. That's how it understood and accepted at the time the Russian people and Russian communism that is very different from Western communism, has degenerated into the legalization of all abominations. Russian Communism - an ideal community order in a state in which the interests of the whole above selfish. The Russian soul is still in the depths of the remaining peasants, reached for communism as the new edition of the Orthodox faith. Unfortunately, the materialism of communism has evolved into consumerism, but communism itself remains in the memory of the people his desire for perfection. Did the holy Orthodoxy does not put the same problem? And Orthodoxy, and Soviet (especially Stalin!) System refer to a person's identity, appealing to the highest spiritual ideals, and are both imperial spirit. Just communism - is the economic system, and should not claim to ideological universality, and only Orthodoxy and certainly not the Ministry of Economy.

Originally communism itself as a Western invention, has little to do with a Russian soul, it is enough to read the manifesto of the Communist Party in 1848 Abolition of the family, Free female, general promiscuity - no, it attracted people of Russian Communism. It has attracted a deep mystical messianic feeling inherent Russian and calls for sacrifice for the salvation of all. The Russian people have adopted communism as a way to Calvary, and its difficulties - as the sufferings of Christ. And this comparison is not an exaggeration, since the USSR had his crucifixion and at the same time for the redemption of all - the Great Patriotic War. Not accidentally during the war was the reconciliation of the Orthodox Church and the state, as well as an appeal to the thousands of years of Russian history. Internal Russian religiosity merely "expressed" in communist terms.

Stalin era has unusual historical jewel - it is an experience of successful confrontation with the West, global experience rapid spiritual and economic mobilization of the country. This is what Tsarist Russia at the time could not do, was hooked integration into the capitalist western world. This experience is an invaluable Stalinist period, and it certainly will learn more.

Normally, as an argument against the thesis of Orthodoxy on the separation of church (ie organization) from the state, and besides, enshrined in the constitution. In the eyes of the liberal-coded paper contract clause (a constitution by its very nature is always a contract) is inviolable canon, but in fact this thesis is Western invention, from which it does not immediately need to give up, but do not need to and idolize.

The fact that the separation of church and state - a natural result of European - and only the European! - History, due to the Reformation. For centuries, the papacy as the spiritual power of Europe, struggling with the government to crush it under itself. Temporal power, on the contrary, tried to subdue the papacy itself. In this struggle, and the Thirty Years War 1618-1648 gg. and hammered out the compromise that the European states should be arranged at a legal separation from their church, and the churches began to be thought of as an organization that they have in fact, as opposed to the Church as the Body of Christ (Eph. 1, 22), as it understands Orthodoxy.

Same logic of Russian history unfolded in a completely different direction. The Church has always been at the same time with the state, and Russian state supported Russian Orthodox Church. In this sense, Russia was a worthy successor to Byzantium, embodying the symphony of powers, which is embodied in our coat of arms. Two-headed eagle symbolizes the unity of the spiritual and the government under the general head of the invisible - God. It was the thought of the Empire mission - to keep the world from the end, is the last obstacle to holding the son of perdition. It is this thought and mission of communism - to save the world from falling into the global capitalist slavery, and the USSR - indicate to all nations the way to freedom. It is the Christian motivation - to be free, free from the shackles of government money, only expressed in different terms. A "Code of the Builder of Communism" - except he was not like the "code" of the Orthodox Christian? Christianity without Christ - perhaps that's what the Soviet Union sought to implement. Although no Christian can accept "without Christ," motivation actions and aspirations of the Soviet man Stalin era wore it Christian. It is no coincidence that at the end of his life, Stalin, understanding the role of Orthodoxy to Russia, has become the path of reconciliation serial Orthodoxy and the Soviet state. Unfortunately, this was prevented by an early death.

Opponents of the joint efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church and the state have to destroy inevitable in this case, the strengthening of state power and the restoration of Russia's borders and spiritual health of the Russian people. Nobody like ROC, is not interested in strengthening the Russian state, even if it is clearly anti-religious character, as it was in the USSR. Powerful Russian state to the ROC - is the ark of salvation. It is for this from all sides and attacked the Church. Because it is labeled in Russian.

Thesis on the separation of church and state more dangerous by the fact that national boundaries are changing. Exemplary embodiments of this thesis we see in today's Ukraine, which has replaced the church canons nonentity "jurisdiction" and began a methodical expulsion of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the sole ground that it is an autonomous part of the Russian Orthodox Church. Armed with this thesis, seized power in Kiev rebels want to "get the most" from the fence, which they temporarily fenced off from the Great Little Russia. And those who support this thesis, inevitably pours water on a "mill split" Holy Russia. Do we need such a thesis? Orthodox should be in the same Russian state - that is our answer to the thesis about the "separation of church and state"!

Patriarch Kirill often uses the expression "all the historical Rus'. How Come? Because the ROC is obvious. Think about it: living Russian Church considers the unity of Holy Russia as a self-evident fact! Where else can you find such a stronghold? And whose memory is commemorated annually in the ROC (and UOC-MP)? Only of the most venerated saints it (among others): hierarchs Moscow Metropolitan Peter (metropolitan department has transferred from Kiev to Vladimir and then to Moscow), Alexis, Jonah, Philip, Patriarch Hermogenes, worn by Polish invaders in 1612, St. Sergius of Radonezh and St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy, Xenia of Petersburg, Matrona of Moscow and many other holy ascetics of Russian Orthodoxy. No wonder among Orthodox Christians in Ukraine the idea of unity with the rest of Russia enjoys the greatest support. In these circumstances, to speak out against the ROC simply suicidal, and this activity can only come from the enemies of Russia.

We must remember that the unity of the Russian land does not follow from the communist ideology. However, it does not follow from the Orthodox dogma, but the Russian Orthodox Church preserves the continuity of Russian history as their "pedigree" and especially because it holds dear. Therefore, the attacks on the Church of the Patriots are harmful - they pull the rug out from under Russian unity. Unfortunately, the Russian Orthodox Church remains the last, but, fortunately, very strong thread linking Russia. And strengthen it - our common task. Believe it or not - a private matter, but to understand and accept the historical significance of the Russian Orthodox Church shall each. Well, that "the Church hinders progress" - how many more of these, which believe it when the West imposed "progress" has long svёlsya to one thing - how to destroy the human race (or, at least, "unnecessary" part that interferes with the distribution of wealth)?

No, "progress", which dreams of Russian communism - is quite another. He refers to a person's identity, like Christianity. And, amazingly, when the hard materialism he embodied the ideal of Christianity - sacrifice. Tens of millions of people have worked and sacrificed themselves for the sake of future generations, creating all the things we still use: at home, in which we live, the plants on which we work. Sometimes it seems that the mission of the Soviet era was that for centuries ahead to create a reserve, reserve of strength sufficient to live up to a new leap. Today it is the need to have a loud knocking. Time is short. It is time to discard the infighting and unite efforts in the fight against the common enemy - the liberal globalization, building a global concentration camp of tolerance, which will destroy all.

It is time to discard the mutual claims and understand that the Church is not the economic system, and the Stalinist economic plan is not an organization for the destruction of temples. Their peaceful coexistence and integration effort is not only possible, but necessary. Church and state are not necessarily adversaries, but allies. "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God the God" (Matt. 22, 21). This is something that we have not successfully implemented in the twentieth century. This is what we need to do in this century.

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