Friday, March 13, 2015

Fascist Legacy Politicians

"2003 Recall Vote: How Come Only Two Choices Were Pols With Nazi Family Ties?"
Adapted from a posting at "Los Angeles Topix Forum" []:
This is a big state, in a big country.
Was it just a coincidence that the governor, Gray Davis, was the grandson of Nazi agent, William Rhodes Davis, []: "...Early life and political career.. ...It was not documented, until July 20, 2008, and never previoulsy disclosed by Davis, that his grandfather was WWII Nazi agent, William Rhodes Davis, an American working to supply oil from Mexico for Hitler's Germany, and to aid the 1940 presidential election campaign of republican candidte, Wendell Wilkie. William Rhodes Davis died about August 1, 1941, a year before the birth of Gray Davis, reportedly "removed" by British spymaster Sir William Stephenson, aka "Intrepid".[7]"
We now know Arnold's grandfather, Karl, and father, Gustav, were Nazi party members, because Arnold told us... but what is up with this?
In five of the last presidential elections, people with Nazi family ties, Bush father and son, were elected to either the presidency or as VP, five times. In 2004, both Bush and Kerry were members of a tiny secret society, Skull and Bones, that "taps" only 15 Yale Univ. juniors for membership, each year.
Do you know anyone with Nazi family ties? Why are politicians with such ties so numerous in our highest elected offices? JFK was the grandchild of Joseph P. Kennedy, a well-known Nazi sympathizer... George W. Bush is the grandchild of, and George Herbert Walker is the son of Prescott Bush, himself a US Senator and a bonifide Nazi agent in the USA banking networks... California Gov. Arnold is the grandchild of Karl Schwarzenegger, Nazi SS official of Austria... former California Gov. Gray Davis is the grandchild of William Rhodes Davis, Nazi agent...
All elected just on the whim of informed voters... all just coincidence...or....?

"Exposing Arnold Schwarzenegger", (2013-10-13) [] [] []

Photo showing the elder Schwarzenegger with fascist Germany Leader Adolph Hitler, meeting with fascist dictator Franco of Spain:

Photo showing Franco meeting at the White House with President Ford, 1975, showing how entrenched and trusted fascists are to "the Establishment", and why little Arnold and his family were allowed such success after World War 2.

They were called "Ratlines" because these rats just killed 20+ million Russian civilians and were allowed to continue operations with the help of the USA and allies, and the Church of Rome (with the Knights of Malta)'s sovereign banking system and travel identification:
** "Nazi Hunt: South America's Dictatorships and the Avenging of Nazi Crimes" book by German historian Daniel Stahl
** "Otto Skorzeny: The Vatican Conspiracy" [][]
** In 1949 letter, German SS commander Otto Wächter says Nazis on the run entered Brazil without passports []
** "Read the full letter from Otto Wächter about possible escape to Brazil" []
** War Crimes: How Nazis Escaped Justice in South America []
** How the Nazis escaped justice []

** "2 SS chiefs who fled to US on new Wiesenthal list of 10 most-wanted Nazis" (2014-10) []

Kissinger and the secret spy network of old Nazis and German aristocrats 'who plotted to overthrow West German goverment' []
* 'The Little Service' was made up of many former Gestapo and S.S. men as well as titled barons and counts
* Kissnger even discussed with them the possibility of a coup to overthrow the government of Chancellor Willy Brandt
* The Little Service which came into being in 1969 and ran for a decade
* Was lavishly funded and with more success than state intelligence agencies which were riddled with East German moles

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