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"Plans for a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in September 1945"

Adapted from a machine translation, original article at [] []:
The nuclear powers are wondering how big nuclear potential should be there to nuclear deterrence. For the common man it sounds like - how much we need to have atomic bombs to be safe?
It is - quite a fair question, though ... how course, many people know that there are many sides of the issues, as can be concerned about and hold on so many that find yourself sitting on a powder keg ... ..
It was there, in the Second World War, the United States of America our real allies to the Soviet Union? Or is America acted on the principle: "The enemy of my enemy - my friend"? .. Yes, in fact it was.
A good example of this "genuine" American friendship is and that this is one of many examples: by 30 August 1945 - before the Second World War was officially over - The US military has already drawn up a list of targets for the atomic bombing of the Soviet Union ... and even made ​​a map of the Soviet Union with a range of its bombers, along with "first" and "second" priority objectives marked on this map.
Today, aware of numerous plans of a nuclear war against the Soviet Union, which intends to implement the US government. All came from the US monopoly on nuclear weapons, which was to become the primary means of drawing the Soviet Union irreplaceable losses. Recall that until August 1949 the Soviet Union did not possess nuclear weapons.
In September - October 1945 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a directive №1496 / 2 "The basis of formulation of military policy" and №1518 «strategic concept and plan the use of armed forces of the United States," in which the main military objective was designated the Soviet Union.
The directive of the Joint Military Planning number 432 / A of 14 December 1945 for the atomic bombing were scheduled 20 major cities and industrial centers of the Soviet Union. Then it expected to lose 196 atomic bombs. It was a plan called «Peancer» (Ticks). It was followed by a number of other plans with daunting names: "Hot day," "radiant heat" "Shake" and so on. Each of them was planned more and more targets for destruction and more victims. Inevitably, this was a war to prevent Soviet tank armies, stationed in Eastern Europe, which in the case of conflict, according to estimates of US experts, would arrive within a week or two out on the Atlantic coast.
Zest American generals also hamper the ability of large, up to 55%, the loss of American bombers during raids on Soviet cities.
This is what these honest allies can pretend to be a friend at the same time and at the same time to make plans and to plot to nuke his ally? Such rotten friends are - and this is the United States.
Notice the following documents. Earlier, they are nowhere and never presented and only now declassified. First of all, I want to note that we are talking of 1945, when nuclear weapons were only one country and the nuclear deterrence of the question. Nuclear weapons are none other than America, no one threatened ... Moreover, America has a monopoly and demonstrate its nuclear weapons on Japanese cities of peace, no one at all, and did not threaten ...
First of all, this card is a package of documents from the archives of General Groves and was scanned from microfilm Vellerstaynom. The Second World War is not over yet! I predstalyayu it to you. Radius shaded triangles - a range of American bombers B-29 and B-36, which had not yet been built, but already designed.
B-29 is the aircraft that carried the nuclear bombing of Japan. In 1945, the B-36 still in the project, they were adopted in the United States in 1949 and had a longer range than the B-29, but the US military has built for them grandiose plans.
The map shows the possible points on the basis of America's friends, who gladly would give the Americans a place to start a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. This Norway (Stavanger), Germany (Bremen), Italy (Foggia), Greece (Crete), Saudi Arabia (Dhahran), Pakista (Lahore), Japan (Okinawa, Shimushiru), United States (Adak and Nome, Alaska). See the map in high resolution [].
The document is a plan of analysis with distribution of power and resources needed for a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union.
The architect of this document was Major General Loris Norsted US Air Force (USAAF). Major General Loris Norsted was one of the main planners of the Military Air Force and later - the Supreme Allied Command in Europe for NATO. This hero of the American nation, plans to destroy us, even put on the cover of the magazine. That's it!
September 15, 1945 - just less than two weeks after the formal surrender of Japan and the end of the Second World War - Norsted documents sent to General Leslie Groves. As you might guess, the classification for this document was high: "TOP SECRET LIMITED," which is the highest during the Second World War. This document had a map which laid out the purpose of the US nuclear bombing of the territory of the USSR.
Let's turn to the document. So in this paper provides an account of a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, i/e a calculation of the question - "How many bombs you must USAAF estimated that the US" ally "for the bombing of the Soviet Union?" So .... At least they wanted 123. In this case, the document states that the ideal would be to have 466. This was after a little over a month after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That's how it is!
That's the document. Click on it to see the full document (.pdf)[].
Of course, a true bureaucratic fashion, they provided a document clearing the table:

Let's look at it. The left column - at least right - optimum. The purpose of the requirements of the plan - "M. Day », defined in the report as the day on which the United States would want a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union. In other words, an attack with a nuclear strike by the United States for the Soviet Union - Nuclear knockout designed to immediately lower the USSR in the Stone Age.
For the "minimum" nuclear attack identified 15 preferred targets for the "optimal" nuclear bombing identified 66 cities of strategic importance. Surprisingly, these American planners decided that the Soviet city need about three nuclear bombs over the city to really destroy and annihilate us !!! That's the fucking crap! And that, I can not be called Americans fagot then !?
And "completely destroy them," not too tolerant and friendly to those documents amers write about our cities and us ...., The text: "The main purpose for the use of the atomic bomb - a full fifteen simultaneous destruction of these preferred goals." They do not do any of diplomacy , stealth, and indicate clearly and specifically - "completely destroy"!
Here is a list of 15 priorities, in order of priority: Moscow, Baku, Novosibirsk, Gorky, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Kuibyshev, Kazan, Saratov, Molotov, Magnitogorsk, Grozny, Novokuznetsk and Nizhny Tagil. You might wonder why there are Baku, and, say, Leningrad there. Priority objectives are based largely on an important volume of industrial production; Baku was responsible for 61% of all Soviet production of crude oil, 49% of oil refining, and 15% of steel products. Leningrad, at that point, was responsible for a much smaller number of things.
A complete map of the Soviet 66 goals - and 21 goals in Manchuria which they decided not to have a sufficiently high priority, but they still caused them to your map. Here is the map of the document, high resolution at []. :
Now think ... Are these documents were under a reasonable containment of which we speak? It is if we consider the fact that now we are some "piss in his ears," that the Soviet Union represented after 2 World War threat to the world and all that .... No! These documents clearly show that US objectives were not only industrial and military sites as such, but the entire population and all our Soviet culture. This is not a strategic containment of Stalin or anyone else! They did not plan containment. They planned the destruction!
Back to the plan: the only difference between "minimal" and "optimal" plan - the total number of designated cities. Three bombs on the city, it is 39 "minimum," 204 "optimum".
The document also indicated 10 bombs to "neutralize possible enemy threats in the Western Hemisphere" - the report explains that this is the case if the Soviet Union will be able to capture the American bases in the vicinity of the borders of the USSR, that is how I understood retaliation the Soviet Union after the nuclear bombing amers us. Yet Pindos do not exclude that we Silenko still remain .... What kind of database, and where - the plan does not specify this. Let's assume that at least one of them is located in West Germany .., it is no wonder they show there "Western Hemisphere" ...
So, to stop the retaliation of the Soviets in Europe need 10 bombs for "strategic isolation of the battlefield" - that is, keep the board within their continent and to prevent the possibility of their vessels, tanks and aircraft to advance in the direction of the United States. Practically, they indicate in their documents to blow the Dardanelles, the Kiel Canal, the Suez Canal ... And in fact - to bomb and Europe!
And so it turned out a total of 59 nuclear bombs for the "minimum" and 224 for "optimum". But they did not stop there. They take into account the practice of the Second World War that a certain number of bombers to be destroyed have technical problems, will miss the target. Thus, they are calculated, that all the bombs to be effective only 48%, and thus they will need to double the total number of charges. So instead of three bombs into the country, they are in the document will be six.
Thus, we share our original totals 0.48, and we end up with a final number of 128 as the "minimum" and 466 as "optimum".
This is still a "small" number in September 1945, but still - bloodthirsty. We know that the peak US nuclear stockpile was more than 32,000 warheads (in 1966), a paltry 466 similar to the "pranks of the child".
Do you like our soyuznichki !? How do you all !? And that scares me marazota "tyrant" Stalin !? But now, after taken away my documents, I am even more thanks to Stalin that he has done everything to save our country and our people from these rotten allies !!! Really - he is a head of state that has led us to victory, he organized the protection and defense of my country, so that all these bastards scared us ... to climb.

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