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The Research Archive of Grover Furr

Properly Furr writes literary critiques, not histories. While they cover historical eras, the structure is not such as a history or biography, but a critique. Properly, he is not a historian. This is fine, as he does not write histories.
Grover Furr has a doctorate in literature and is an expert in research. Although he writes literary critiques (most of his books are criticisms of another published work), Prof. Gorver Furr defines his career as a critical expert in 20th century history, basing his arguments soley on source materials.
Other historians researching the facts about the Soviet Union include: Arch Getty, Robert Thurston, Roberta Manning, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Jerry Hough, Lewis Siegelbaum, Lynne Viola.

* Grover Furr's "Politics and Social Issues Page" [], being a main page for many of his research

* "Why Is The Truth About the International Communist Movement Important?" []

* "The Sixty-One Untruths of Nikita Khrushchev" []
* "Anti-Stalinist Villany" book publishers description []

* On Robert Conquest (2015-08) []

* "Evidence of Leon Trotsky’s Collaboration with Germany and Japan" (170 pages, 2009, by Prof. Grover Furr) (.pdf) []

* "Did the Soviet Union Invade Poland in September 1939? (The answer: No, it did not)" [], page of links []
* "Did the USSR Invade Poland in September, 1939?" study handout []
* The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: The Secret Protocols, Articles I and II []
* "The Secret Protocols to the M-R Pact Did NOT Plan Any Partition of Poland" []
* "Should the USSR Have Permitted German Troops to Come Right Up To Its Borders?" []
* Soviet Neutrality []
* The Curzon Line []
* Polish Leaders Flee []
* Moscicki and His "Resignation" []
* The Polish State Collapsed []
* "A closer look at the claim that the Polish State had ceased to exist: The Definition of the State in International Law" []
* "France and England Supported Soviet Possession of W. Ukraine, W. Belorussia" []
* 1939, September 17, [Kuty]. - Order of the Supreme Commander of the Polish Army E. Rydz-Smigly in Connection with the Offensive of Soviet Forces []: "The Soviets have invaded. My orders are to carry out the retirement into Rumania and Hungary by the shortest routes. Do not engage the Soviets in military actions, only in the event of disarming our units by them. The task for Warsaw and Modlin, which must defend themselves against the Germans, remain unchanged. Units towards whose formations the Soviets have approached should negotiate with them with the aim of the exit of the garrisons into Rumania or Hungary." Supreme Commander Marshal of Poland E. Rydz-Smigly"
* Note of the Conversation of the Vice-Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR V. Potemkin with the Ambassador of Poland to the USSR V. Grzybowski []. The Text of Ambassador Grzybowski's Reply to Potemkin []
* "Re-negotiation Of Spheres Of Influence in the Former Polish State September 1939" []
* Texts of Molotoff Talks Explaining Military Action []

Stalin and Anti-Communism -
The "Stalin Question" is one of the most vital issues of our time, I think, because stories about the "horrors of Stalinism" are used to demoralize millions of people who are otherwise fed up with capitalist exploitation and are looking for an alternative. The "anti-Stalinists" basically tell us there is no alternative! So serious research on the USSR during the period of Stalin's leadership is vital in helping us understand what the Bolsheviks did that was right, and what they did that was wrong, led away from communism and egalitarianism, and what we must learn from their heroic experiences.

- Review of Robert W. Thurston, Life and Terror in Stalinist Russia. Though anti-communist itself, Thurston's book explodes many of the anti-Stalin lies about the first workers' state during the 1930s, making use of the latest documents from former Soviet archives. This critical review summarizes the lessons and reveals its limitations. From PLP. "Anti-Stalin Equals Anti-Communism" at []

- Stalin Reconsidered []: English translation of a Belgian work debunking Cold-War lies about the USSR in Stalin's time.

- Here is the text of a short talk I gave on "Today's Crises and Thoughts on Joseph Stalin" at the Unitarian Church in Orange, NJ in September 1994 []. And, here is a little essay on anti-Stalinism [] inspired by Josephine Tey's famous mystery novel Daughter of Time, concerning the way "official" historians distort history to serve their masters. Your criticisms and comments would be appreciated.

 "The Hoax of the 'Man-Made' 1932-33 Ukrainian Famine" [].
First of a series of six articles originally published in Challenge-Desafio, newspaper of the PLP, in 1987. It's the best expose of the anti-communist lies about the "Man-made famine", but also contains valuable analysis of anti-communism in general, and a good discussion of what really did happen in the USSR in the '30s, and why it turned eventually towards capitalism. (NOTE: This series does not deny that there was a famine in the Ukraine, and in other parts of the USSR, in 1932-33. It demonstrates that this famine was not "man-made" or a deliberate attempt to kill Ukrainians. No one denies that a famine existed).
There are six articles in this series. You can go from one to the other through links at the end of each, or go to each of them from here:
Article One: "The Hoax of the 1932-33 Ukraine Famine" -- on the fraudulent film "Harvest of Despair" []
Article Two: "Conquest's Book Lies about the 1932-32 Ukraine Famine" [] on the equally fraudulent book by Robert Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow.
Article Three: "Anti-Communist Ukrainian Nationalists Joined Nazis" [].
Article Four: "The Lie that Stalin Was Worse Than Hitler" [].
Article Five: "The Bolsheviks' Error of Not Winning the Peasants to Communism: What Really Happened in the Ukraine Countryside" [].
Article Six: "How Revolutionaries Learn from Stalin Period: Never Believe What Bosses' Mouthpieces Say About Fight for Communism" [].

- Jeff Coplon, "In Search of a Soviet Holocaust: A 55-Year-Old Famine Feeds the Right". Village Voice, Jan. 12, 1988. []
This article dissects the pro-Nazi roots of both the film and the book critiqued in the series of six articles above, and gives details about the sleazy background of the filmmakers and "scholars," Conquest and others. A good supplement to the series above.

Here are some other related articles on Ukrainian Nationalist Nazi murderers:
- Jeff Coplon, "Rewriting History: How Ukrainian Nationalists Imposed Their Doctored History on our High-School Students". Capital Region magazine (Albany, NY), March 1988. (.pdf)[]
- Joe Conason, "Reagan and the War Crimes Lobby", Village Voice May 15, 1985. The Republican Party's ties to Ukrainian Nationalist fascists. (.pdf)[]
- Joe Conason, "To Catch A Nazi," Village Voice February 11, 1986. Ukrainian Nationalist Nazi murderers living in NYC. (.pdf)[]

- Mark Tauger has published several articles and two important monographs on the Soviet famine of 1932-33, definitively showing that they were not "man-made." Here is a short introduction to his scholarship: "Le livre noir du communisme on the Soviet Holocaust of 1932-33. A Chapter from Wolfgang Wippermann, ed., Roter Holocaust" (.pdf) []

- The Bengal Famine of 1943-44. See the article by Gideon Polya, "The Forgotten Holocaust" [], and a short but clear interview with him from the Australian radio show "Ockham's Razor" in February 1999 [].
- The Niger Famine of 1931. See the article (in French) by Finn Fuglestad, "La grande famine de 1931 dans l'Ouest nigerien," , from Revue francais d'histoire d'outre-mer, 1974. (.pdf) []

- "PBS Anti-Stalinism Is Based on Nazi Lies [], first of a four-part series from PLP, 1990, that dissects the lies behind the three-part PBS series "Stalin." You can get to each article from l inks at the end of the previous one, or you can go directly to each from here:
Article Two: "Anti-Communists Use Big Lie to Slander Fight for Social Equality" []
Article Three: "Bosses Still Don't Understand Why Red Army Defeated the Nazis" []
Article Four: "Never Believe What the Bosses Say About Communism" []

- Review of Clement Leibovitz, The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal [].
This book documents in extraordinary detail how the British and French ruling classes did not "appease" Hitler, but instead encouraged the Nazis to expand to the East, thus causing World War II. Anti-communism, together with anti-Semitism, was entirely re sponsible for Hitler's rise, successes, and the Second World War. Leibovitz, an anti-communist, does not let his anti-communism blind him to the facts -- that the Soviet Union alone was trying to forge collective security againt the Nazis, and that the ma jor European powers did not want that, but instead wanted Hitler to destroy communism and so aided German rearmament, the destruction of Czechoslovakia, and so on.
The exhaustive documentation in Leibovitz's book puts his conclusions beyond any question. Read the review, and then order the book and read it, as I have done.

- Quotation from Molotov showing he believed Tukhachevskii guilty []; from Chuev's Conversations with Molotov. This is consistent with all the best contemporary bourgeois research, including an article I wrote, which you can jump to here [].

"Communisme, les falsifications d'un 'livre noir'" [] is an article in French attacking an anti-communist book (one arguing that "Stalin was four times worse than Hitler"!) and defending the communist movement, while pointing out that French (and Western) colonialism was responsible for millions of murders in the post-WWII period, while only the communist movement opposed imperialism. It doesn't go far enough, but is worth reading all the same. From Le Monde Diplomatique, December 1997.

* "Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform" (by Grover Furr) , part 1 [], part 2 []
Footnotes for Part 2: footnote 3 [], footnote 8 [] in English [], footnote 13 [] & []

* "The “Official” Version of the Katyn Massacre Disproven? Discoveries at a German Mass Murder Site in Ukraine" (.pdf) []

* Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee, CPSU (1952-10-16) []

* "New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii : Some Documents Reconsidered" []

* Interview of Grover Furr by Georgian Times (2010-09-13) []

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