Friday, August 1, 2014

1950: Fascist Dictatorship over the USA

During the 1920s and 1930s, certain Monopolists (such as Henry Ford, David Rockefeller, and the DuPont family) establish Fascism as a political ideology, using dictatorships across Europe and Latin America as a method to secure their investments against organizations advocating democratic control over the national-resources otherwise being exploited by the Monopolists' economic regime.
The USA Federal government is used by monopolists to retain legal control over an establishment of resources, including a permanent military and intelligence network. However, during the 1930s, an international anti-Monopolist alliance infiltrated the USA Federal government, where it worked to oppose the monopolist plans of national-dictatorship and war against the USSR.
The successful monopolist coup during 1944-09 against USA President Franklin Roosevelt (which happened too late to prevent the anti-Monopolist alliance's organization of a joint USA & USSR invasion of the European Union of fascist governments) establishes direct Monopolist rule over the USA Federal Executive Branch's various agencies (such as OSS) beginning during 1945, with plans to purge any anti-Monopolist alliance still operating within it.
Monopolists, using USA agencies, allow for the establishment of refugee centers for self-described fascists escaping the USA & USSR's invasion of the European Union, who will be used against all threats against the Monopolist economic regime, worldwide.
So, during 1950, Monopolist cartels of the USA, such as the "National Association of Manufacturers", continue their agenda of incorporating the entire Earth into their holdings, and in order that they may have security in their Homeland for the prosperity of their agenda, their lawyers bribe the Federal House of Representatives to pass binding legislation that establishes a new regime and legalizes operations against dissidents, known as the "Internal Security Act of 1950" & "Emergency Detention Act of 1950" ("McCarran Act of 1950") [link].
* Anti-Dissident militias are organized [link].
* Concentration Camps are built [link].
* Certain expressions of morality are outlawed.

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