Friday, August 1, 2014

Guerrilla War in the USA

1958: Guerrilla War in the USA begins -
excerpt from "Inside Story of the John Birch Society" by Mike Newberry:
Civil war actually began, says the book, in 1958 when "the many vicious and dangerous ones among the Negroes and Puerto Ricans" engineered "attacks on the police."
"We already have a condition of civil war in our large northern cities . . . and almost all of those who cause trouble are Negro and Puerto Rican."

1970: The New America of 20 Million -
** 1970-01-13 “Wall Street Journal” daily newspaper:
A Wall Street Journal sampling of opinion among black citizens in four metropolitan areas across the nation [San Francisco, New York, Cleveland, and Chicago] indicates a clear majority of blacks strongly support both the goals and methods of the Black Panthers
** Information from 1971-03-22 “Destroying the Panther Myth” from “Time” magazine:
“Louis Harris” poll conducted during 1970 for “TIME” weekly newsmagazine found that 64% of the surveyed “Black” demographic thought that the “Black Panther Party” gave them "a sense of pride".
* 1971-01-02 “New York Times” daily newspaper:
40% of the surveyed “College student” demographic believe that a revolution was needed in the USA.

1970-12-19 Black Panther newspaper cover

1971-01-30 Emory Douglas poster - 'Shoot to kill'

1970-06 On the Constitution by Eldridge Cleaver [RPCC infosheet]

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