Friday, August 1, 2014

1975: "Campaign for Democratic Freedom" against a fascist police state and the conspiracy against the People of the United States

The situation was framed by the key word “Conspiracy”, but the context was real, a conspiracy by government agents and assets to target the “liberals” and “leftists” in all sectors of society. Only certain savvy researches caught onto the information technology corporations and the private-sector domestic security efforts…
1975 was kicking in… and they knew the score...
Salut! to "Popeye" Jackson and the victims of the People's Temple, you are not forgotten!

"Conspiracy In America, from Dallas to Watergate" is the topic for a three-day conference scheduled to take place in Los Angeles May 16, 17 and 18
Mark Lane will make the keynote address before an array of experts including Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, William Turner, Peter Dale Scott, David Harris, May Brussels, Jeff Garth, David DuBois and many others.
The conference will open with a workshop on "How to get your dossier from the FBI" under the new Freedom of Information Act.
First day's activities Fill concentrate on political assassinations, official violence and the war conspiracy will be'examined on the second day.
May 17, Police state repression and what can be done about it will be the third day's concern with emphasis on organizing for public action.
Called in response to recent disclosures of secret government criminality and coverups of conpiracies, the event is principally aimed at combating the tendency toward a police state. Donald Freed, coordinating committee organizer, said he expects a standing room crowd because of the growing fear of fascism. Registration by mail or at the door, apace permitting.
Campaign Far Democratic Freedoms
P.O. Box 9662 Marina Del Rey 90291
Phone: 8219596 or 4781189

"My Tennis Partner was a Police Spy: Leaflet about the LAPD which was drawn up by police spy Connie Milazzo" (1977-11-12 from "The Black Panther" weekly newspaper):

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