Friday, August 1, 2014

Fascism is defined as a political process...

Fascism is a process motivated by monopolist interest in dominating a market or agenda.
As a process, State Fascism it is older than State Communism, and as a word was coined and adopted into general usage by certain monopolist capitalists during the 1920s, who funded ideologically motivated newspapers and organizations to promote the ideas of fascism (oftentimes without these organizations claiming the word to describe themselves).
The process of Fascism has been in usage in the USA since the 1700s, against captive populations of Africans and non-White nations, including "Hispanics". But it was not until the 1920s that organizations (such as the KKK, for example) who upheld their sovereignty to retain their tradition of dominance, in both North & South America, began to affiliate clandestinely and openly label themselves as Fascist.
Fascism is not a description exclusive to the institution of socialism, and monopolists who promote the process have been shown historically to incorporate "corporatist" methods of establishing socialism in order that the captive population remains content based on whatever relative paradigm of comfort.

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