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Revolutionary Peoples' Peace Delegations

"Races: Cleaver in Exile"
from 1969-10-24 "Time" weekly newsmagazine [,9171,901571,00.html]:
Eldridge Cleaver, author of Soul on Ice and "information minister" of the Black Panthers, was once one of the most articulate and intellectually acute of the young black militants. Last November, facing revocation of his parole from jail and new charges as the result of a shoot-out with Oakland police, Cleaver fled the country. Now he is in restless exile, dreaming violent dreams of rebellion, chafing against Communist regimes that he thinks have gone soft. Stopping off in Moscow after a visit to North Korea, Cleaver talked with TIME Correspondent Stanley Cloud, [ ... ]

"The Black Panther Leaders Speak: Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver and Company Speak Out Through the Black Panther Party's Official Newspaper", edited by G. Louis Heath, Scarecrow Press, 1976. Excerpted from 1970-08-08 "The Black Panther newspaper pg.19.
A delegation of Americans headed by Eldridge Cleaver arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea, on July 14, 1970. They were in North Korea at the invitation of the 'Committee for the Peaceful Unification of the Fatherland.'
Organizations represented in the American delegation included "the Black Panther Party, the San Francisco Red Guard, Women’s Liberation, the Peace and Freedom Party, Newsreel, and the Movement for a Democratic Military. The purpose of this U.S. people’s delegation is to express solidarity with the struggles of the Korean people and to bring back to Babylon information about their communist society and their fight against U.S. imperialism."
A message from the American delegates included the following statement:
"The Pentagon has a global strategy for dealing with liberation struggles whether they be inside or outside the U.S. This strategy will increasingly apply to any anti imperialist movement. Since the peoples of the world have a common enemy, we must begin to think of revolution as an international struggle against U.S. imperialism. Our struggle in the U.S. is a genuine part of the total revolutionary assault on this enemy. Understanding the Korean people’s struggle, and communicating this to the American movement is a crucial step in developing this internationalist perspective."
The message was signed: Patricia Sumi, Jan Austin, Ann Froines, Gina Blumenfeld, Eldridge Cleaver, Robert Scheer, Randy Rappaport, Alex Hing, Elaine Brown, Andy Truskier, Janet Kranzberg,

Picture of delegation: Cleaver, Eldridge. Soul on Fire.

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