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Revolutionary Gangs become Counter-Insurgency organizations

During the 1960s, many revolutionary lumpenproletariat organizations are conducting an insurgency against the dominant establishment.
National Security Agents begin the process by which certain revolutionary lumpenproletariat organizations are re-created into counter-insurgents, to be used against the entire captive population of New Afrika, Aztlan, and the White lumpenproletariat during the 1970s.
The following article is produced by an organization which held affinity for the "4th International Communist Union", and is a source for overstanding the process used by the USA Internal Security Administration... while the Black Panther Party ended peacefully without becoming an Internal Security Administration "cat's paw", this is what happens during 1970 through 1974 to the "CRiP"; "Black Disciple Party"; "Black Power Stone Nation"; etc.

"CIA Moves to Turn Black Panthers Into Zombie Countergang" 
1974-08-05 from "EIR" V.1, N.14:
OAKLAND, August 5 (IPS) - The National Caucus of Labor Committees intelligence and security units are investigating the unsuccessful attempt July 31 by Oakland Police to assassinate Black Panther Party (BPP) founder Huey P. Newton. The preliminary estimate clearly points to a CIA/LEAA takeover move to eliminate Newton and direct police-controlled elements within the Panthers to turn the BPP into a BLA-style zombie counter-gang.
According to sources in and around the Black Panther Party, two members of the Oakland Police department entered the Fox Bar, known to be frequented by Panther Party members, on Wednesday night and attempted to provoke a fight that was to result in the murder of Nelson and other longtime Panthers. When a quick mobilization of BPP security prevented any shooting, police called for reinforcements, which reportedly included two U.S. Treasury agents. As a result of the incident, seven people were arrested. Newton was beaten and carried off in leg shackles. He is now out on $5,000 bail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and interference with the police.

Why The Murder Attempt?
In itself this incident would appear to signal a resurgence of the kind of police terrorism that was used to cripple the Panthers in the late 1960s and set them up for the wave of frame-ups of 1970-71. In fact, that is precisely the impression the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration is endeavoring to create. Oakland Police Chief Hart's statement last night that he intends to "rid the city of the Black Panther Party" fills out the scenario even further.
But even a cursory glance at a recent issue of The Black Panthers indicates that something different is taking place. The Party newspaper has been churning out a steady stream of LEAA propaganda: calling for community control of the police and the refunding of the Berkeley School of Criminology (part of the LEAA university consortium), among other things.
Less than 48 hours before the most recent attempt on Newton's life, Elaine Brown, a member of the Central Committee of the BPP, was speaking, in Bobby Seale's absence, before the National Convention of the Urban League. Joining her on the panel was notorious counterinsurgency agent Patrick Murphy. Murphy now heads up the Police Foundation, a Ford Foundation-funded think tank set up to serve as a wedge in the CIA's move to shore up control over the LEAA. Prior to his move to the Police Foundation, as Commissioner of the Detroit and New York City Police Departments, Murphy was was responsible for the reorganizations to set up the apparatus which has framed up, murdered, and . brainwashed numerous potential revolutionaries. Far from posing any kind of threat to the CIA, the Panthers have actually been strange bedfellows of the CIA's domestic arm.
Panther About-Face on Labor Cotnmittee Several months ago, the Labor Committees were prompted to do a preliminary investigation into the background of David DuBois, current editor of the Black Panther. At that time, the NCLC was approaching the Pan,thers with the proposal for a united front campaign to expose the LEAA. The Panthers agreed to discuss the matter seriously provided that New Solidarity publish a retraction of previous statements to the effect that the BPP was controlled by police agents. As the LEAA campaign, began to gain significant support throughout the country, the Panthers' communication with the Labor Committees was severed; and a few weeks later a slanderous attack against the NCLC, originally released by Liberation News Service (a known resting place for agents awaiting new assignments in the socialist movement) was reprinted in the Black Panther. This served to further confirm New Solidarity charges of police control of at least a significant portion of the Party leadership.

The Control Agent
DuBois' credentials are more appropriate to a low-level member of Rockefeller's cabal than to the editor of the Black Panther Party press. In fact, DuBois is not a member of the Party. The stepson of W.E.B. DuBois, a piece of good fortune he has used as a foot in the door on four continents, David left the U.S. in 1953 after having been expelled from the Communist Party U.S.A. for attempting to push the CP into creating an international black nationalist student movement (an idea he picked up in Prague in 1950).
Choosing journalism as the vehicle through which he would work towards the goal of building a Pan-African movement, DuBois spent the next 13 years in Africa and the Middle East. He became heavily involved in the All African Journalist Association, was with the Middle East News Agency and held editorships with the Egyptian Gazette , and the Arab Observer (both notoriously rightwing Egyptian government newspapers for English-speaking Arabs). While in Egypt DuBois was employed by the Ghana government as the Publicity and Information Secretary for President Kwame Nkrumah. At this time he was also in frequent contact
with Carlos Moore, a rabid anti-communist Pan-Africanist whose ties to the CIA are strong.
Back in the United States after 13 years of self-imposed "exile," DuBois made the rounds of the entire domestic Pan-African movement here,' finally settling down in the national socialist swamp of Berkeley, California. His entree into that milieu came with an invitation from Anthony Platt, radical criminologist at the Berkeley School of Criminology, to join him in teaching a course on "Crime and Nation. Building." Platt had bee n personally recruited to the School of Criminology by LEAA founder Joseph Lohman and went on to set up the Radical Criminologists.
In 1973, apparently following several conversations with Huey Newton, DuBois was invited to take on the editorship of the Black Panther. The preconditions necessary for DuBois to apply his international expertise for building CIA controls on black organizations to the Panther Party were already present in the leadership and world views of the organization. DuBois' presence served merely to abort any potential in the BPP for breaking out of that controlled environment. Witness to this is the rapid about face vis-a-vis the Labor Committees.

Huey on Ice -
What is the reason behind the playing out of police attacks against the Panthers, directed particularly at Newton? Clearly the Panthers are of little use to the CIA in their current capacity' as left shadows for LEAA programs. In the San Francisco Bay Area there are many such shadows. The only really useful role the BPP can play for Rockefeller is as a zombie terrorist counter-gang - a terrorist gang with tremendous credibility and with a legitimate history in the left.
With Newton alive, such a role is impossible for the Panthers. The Huey Newton image defines certain parameters in which the Party can operate, and this excludes overt terrorist actions. The scenario changes, however, with Newton dead, the victim of Oakland Police Department bullets. At that point, the blood of "fallen comrade Newton" becomes the rallying cry for a wave of terrorist actions.
To the extent .that this is the operation now set in motion, Newton and the core of other old-time Panthers targeted by the CIA/LEAA for a similar fate, can feel very . little reassurance about their escape Wednesday night.
Their only safety at this point is to open the whole issue to public exposure - to begin investigating openly the inside·outside set-up of the Black Panthers and to begin actively engaging once again in real revolutionary organizing with the Labor Committees against the CIA.

2012-05-02 by "Sax Preacher" of Chicago:
General Frank Kitson, a British officer “who first thought up the concept that was later used in the formation of Al Qaeda. He called it the ‘pseudo gang’—a state sponsored group used to advance an agenda, while discrediting the real opposition.
The atmosphere of violence can be used as a cover for pseudo gangs to come in the hood to help increase the shootings. The same thing was done in the 90's. 2 reasons (maybe more). 1. to reduce the population 2. Gentricide (Land Grabbing). 21 jumpstreet style, infiltrate.
 I have always believed that there are professional shooters at large in our communites whose job is to shot as many people as possible to destablize our neighborhoods. Who benefits? This is a Land Grab.
 I believe the police are actively involved. Not all of them but a select number and those cops are hidden behind the foolish youth who have been convinced that they must avenge the murders of their partners by shooting members of other gangs. Thus, we continue to target these youths while the the real murderers keep killing. We must look harder at that fact that we have more cameras in our community than in any other yet the cops have found very few shooters. Yes, there is a war being waged against us and the whole city government is waging it. I truly believe this. Most of our Aldermen are not our friends...peace.
Particularly in the later stages of the Kenyan counter-insurgency campaign, use by Special Branch of pseudo gangs to infiltrate and then kill or capture roving bands of terrorists proved particularly effective. Initially, these pseudo gangs had been formed to gain intelligence within the Reserves but they evolved into fighting groups as well. Led by European officers in black face make-up, they were able to get close enough to the enemy to kill or capture them. Such pseudo groups were composed of loyal Kikuyu, sometimes drawn from tribal police or regular constables, white officers, and turned Mau Mau. The latter were most important for lending credibility, since they knew the latest secret signs, finger snaps, oaths, etc., with which to convince the Mau Mau of their authenticity.
Their white officers trained turned Mau Mau in the use of small arms and grenades and in close combat, and in return learned about the Mau Mau and bushcraft. When operating with the pseudos, the European officers used potassium permanganate solution to give their skin the right colors. Eventually, as the Mau Mau learned of the existence of these pseudo gangs, it was often necessary for European officers to paint their entire bodies, in case a shirt was suddenly jerked up to look for white skin. A weaker potassium permanganate solution was also used to give their eyes the proper yellow coloration. The hair was normally the most obvious giveaway for white pseudos and though they tried using floppy hats, eventually many used wigs, often obtained from the hair of dead terrorists. So they would not give away their group, Europeans had to learn to squat, eat, take snuff, and in general act as genuine Mau Mau. To get the proper look and smell they wore captured Mau Mau clothing, and did not wash. Even so, each white in a pseudo group had a cover man or bodyguard, whose primary job was to draw attention away from him.
Like the gangs, the pseudos would call at villages at night for food, but in the process would gain information. The night hours offered the advantage of making it easier for the Europeans to escape notice, but it was also the time when the real Mau Mau came. Often the information they gained about Mau Mau gangs would be passed to tracker-combat teams consisting of three Europeans, fifteen African constables, and a Wanderobo tracker, but in some cases the pseudo gangs would follow up their own leads by merging with other gangs before arresting or ambushing them. As might be expected, the pseudo gangs had to be very careful not to get into firefights with the security forces.
The system of using turned Mau Mau in this way worked, and throughout the pseudo operations there were virtually no instances of converts going back over to the Mau Mau. Normally, pseudo gangs consisted of eight to ten, often with one or two women members, since real Mau Mau gangs had female members. In general, pseudos did not receive pay, but many shared rewards for the terrorists they had accounted for. Such pseudo operations were not new, but it was in Kenya that they were formalized into a highly successful counter-insurgent tactic. Later in Rhodesia, the Selous Scouts would perfect the technique.

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